NAJC Hosts Free Films in November

On November 16 and 30, NAJC is hosting free online film screenings, part of the Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF). For 14 years, CLiFF has presented films about workers from around the world. Our annual participation in this film festival continues this year. We will be showing six films (see film list below) at each screening.

Register for the November 16, 2022 screening and get your free tickets for the 2 hour screening starting at 7:00 PT |  8:00 MT |  9:00 CT  |  10:00 ET:

Register for the November 30, 2022 screening and get your free tickets for the 2 hour screening starting at 5:00 PT |  6:00 MT |  7:00 CT  |  8:00 ET:

Once it is available you’ll have 2 hours to start watching and then 48 hours to finish watching.

Film List (for both nights)

If There Is No Struggle   13:38 min. US
A young woman discovers the working class history of her neighbourhood through the lens of a 1965 Canon Scoopic 16mm camera and historical figures via Boston’s public art.

Opera Trans*Formed: Teiya Kasahara   6:43 min. Canada
“If I wasn’t an opera singer, would I be a trans man?” asks Teiya Kasahara, a gender non-binary singer, partway through the film. It’s a dilemma facing gender non-binary and trans singers working in a field whose roles are rigidly defined along gender lines: sopranos and mezzos are cast as women (so-called “trouser roles” aside); tenors and basses as men.

Sugar on the Weaver’s Chair | 60 min. Indonesia (subtitled)
This film tells the story of three Indonesian women redefining their destinies.

SUTRINGAH, is the wife of a palm sugar tapper and faces economic hardship when her husband is paralyzed due to a workplace accident. Sutringah reevaluates her role as a woman, a wife and a breadwinner.

YATI, a woman with a disability, worked all her life for her family’s business. Her idealism conflicts with her father’s traditional views of the business. She tries forging her own path by taking a job at a garment factory where new limits are imposed on her.

MARIA, is a member of a group of widows who work as traditional weavers. When they become competitive with male dominated retailers, they are forced to redefine their work by passing along the weaving tradition to their local youth.

The Hands Of An Elder  | 4:50 min. Canada
Dinah Sam is an artist from the Cree community of Chisasibi in the James Bay region of Quebec. She is passionate about her Cree traditions and her art. This is her first film and is about the importance of Cree culture in an ever-changing world. The film focuses on Cree elders making snowshoes and describing their work.

The Umbrella | 14:00 min. Spain (subtitled)
This fictional film follows Alberto as he navigates a world not set-up to accommodate him. He undertakes his day-to-day with much effort, and is often met with discomfort, annoyance, and sometimes hostility.

This film portrays a fictionalization of living and working with a functional disability. It’s charming and effective in communicating daily struggles of workers who face barriers to full workplace participation. It’s also a reminder that anyone could have an “umbrella.”

What Will I Show You? | 9:32 min. Canada
In the tradition of direct cinema, What Will I Show You is an intimate documentary in which a grandfather and his grandson discuss the past and future of Innu culture. An important, first-person film telling the stories of Innu and their culture, their work, and the immediate impacts of environmental degradation on their lands.

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