Through membership, individuals and organization delegates are able to join the NAJC Annual General Meeting (AGM) and general membership meetings, which are hosted virtually via Zoom.  At these meetings, Individual Members and delegates of Member Organizations are able to pass motions and vote. They are also able to nominate and second Committee candidates and National Executive Board candidates during an election year. Members are able to participate in discussions and projects which are of benefit to the Japanese Canadian community. Also, within the NAJC Human Rights mandate, they may become involved in initiatives supporting Aboriginal and other racial and ethnic minority communities in Canada.


Member Organizations

$600/year for non profit organizations or associations, with organizations receiving 10 votes.

Supporting Member Organizations

$100/year for non profit organizations or associations who wish to enjoy the benefits of affiliation, with organizations receiving 2 votes.

Individual Members

Adult (26+) $50.00/year

Senior (65+)/Youth (25 & under) $25.00/year

Individual members receive 1 vote.

Membership forms must be submitted using the online form above.

Payments (as identified on the membership form) can be sent via e-transfer to or sent by cheque made out to the National Association of Japanese Canadians to:

NAJC c/o Kevin Okabe, 1-293 Mount Sparrowhawk Crescent, Kananaskis, AB  T0L2H0

For 2023, membership applications and payments must be received by the NAJC National Office by July 22, 2023 in order for a member to be permitted to vote at the Annual General Meeting and the 2023 National Executive Board elections.

New members:

The NAJC is currently accepting Individual and Organizational Member applications. Please contact if you wish to submit an application form. Please do not send the fee until the Membership Committee has vetted your application.

To become a member your application form must be approved by the Membership Committee before payment can be accepted

*Annual membership fees are subject to change.