Endowment Fund Recipients

The SEAD portion of the Fund has been established to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to Japanese Canadians furthering their studies and skills in the visual or performing arts, sports, or academic fields (but is not meant to replace scholarships/bursaries for tuition), and was funded by an initial grant of $250,000 received from the Japanese Canadian Redress Foundation.

The Cultural Development portion of the Fund has been established to provide financial assistance in the form of grants for Japanese Canadian cultural programs and activities, and was funded by an initial grant of $350,000 received from the Japanese Canadian Redress Foundation.


2020 Recipients


Suzanne Eiko Yoko Hartmann, Toronto, Research and writing about postwar community's cultural & historical contributions to Toronto landscape, Granted: $2,500.00


Total Cultural Development Grants Awarded:  $30,700

Chad Townsend, Vancouver,  Short film of Mr K. Nomoto, Steveston minister, Granted:  $4,500.00

Manami Hara, North Vancouver, Play "Courage Now", workshops and public readings, Granted:  $4,500.00

Kunji Mark Ikeda, Calgary, Theatre performance "Momotaro movement", Granted:  $3,800.00

Jeff Chiba Stearns, Burnaby, Graphic novel "On Being Yukiko", Granted:  $4,500.00

Nikkei Cultural Society of Lethbridge & Area, Web virtual reality interactive experience project, Granted:  $4,500.00

Vernon Japanese Cultural Society, Board, printer and books for Japanese Language School, Granted:  $1,000.00

Mike Murakami, Toronto, Listing and cataloguing document collections for archiving, Granted:  $3,400.00

District of Lillooet, Upgrade the East Lillooet Internment Memorial garden, Granted:  $4,500.00


2019 Recipients


John Ota, TorontoA Place of Pride: Building the First JC Cultural Centre, Raymond Moriyama Architect Exhibit, Granted: $2,500.00


Total Cultural Development Grants Awarded:  $29,850

Paul Kariya, UclueletProject: Gathering of Nikkeis, First Nations, and settlers in Ucluelet, Granted:  $850.00

Village of New Denver, Kyowakai Book Project, Granted:  $5,000.00

Wakana Takai-MacLean, Vernon, Establishing an introduction to Kamishibai Program, Granted:  $1,000.00

Kelowna Lake Country Japanese Culture Society, Startup of Kelowna Lake Country Japanese Culture Society, Granted:  $5,000.00

Eiko Kawabe Brown, TorontoProduction of “Home and Native Lands” short documentary shot at UBC and Toronto, Granted:  $5,000.00

Chuck Tasaka, VancouverWWI Japanese Canadian soldiers’ memorial monument for 12 veterans and panel tribute to 3 Vancouver Asahi players, Granted:  $3,500.00

Brian Smallshaw, Saltspring Island, Publish historical book “As If They Were the Enemy: The Dispossession of Japanese Canadians on Saltspring Island”, Granted:  $4,500.00

Alejandro Yoshizawa, Surrey, Production of a film about Mary Kitagawa, Granted:  $5,000.00


2018 Recipients


Eiko Eby, Nanaimo, BC, Participation in the World Cup for Field Hockey for Masters in Barcelona, July 27-August 5, 2018, Granted: $2500.00


Total Cultural Development Grant Awarded:  $30,000

Angela Foreman, Lakehead Japanese Cultural Association, Project: Workshops of Kaminari Wan Taiko in northwestern Ontario communities including Thunder Bay, Granted:  $5,000.00

Shirley Shigematsu, Calgary Japanese Community Association, Invitation to Eitetsu Hayashi, Taiko master, to perform and teach a workshop to high level students of Taiko from all over Alberta, Granted:  $5,000.00

Bryce Kanbara, HamiltonMonograph about Japanese Canadian Art and Artists within the Canadian Culture, Granted:  $1,000.00

Hirokazu Okusa, BurnabyBook about the history of JC through the lens of the Japanese Martial Art Kendo in Canada, Granted:  $4.900.00

Sherri Kajiwara, Nikkei National Museum, Burnaby, Revision of the Nikkei National Museum Field trips, research and development of new materials, Granted:  $5,000.00

Darrell Oshiro, Vernon Japanese Cultural Society, Haru Matsuri Spring Festival project activity and materials: taiko, tea ceremony, koto, sushi, calligraphy and children’s activity, Granted:  $3,100.00

Matt Miwa, Ottawa Japanese Community Association, Photoshoot of models in kimonos at Takahashi Dojo with photographer Kyoko Tsunetomi who specializes in kimono styling, Granted:  $1,000.00

Graham Cairns, VR360 Media Inc., Virtual reality documentary project about JC interned at the New Denver Camp. Use cameras in 360 degrees, Granted:  $5,000.00


2017 Recipients


Atsuko Tanaka, Travel to 12 World Cup competitions around the world to compete and earn the Olympic spot for 2018 in ski jumping, Granted: $2500.00


Total Cultural Development Grant Awarded:  $28,500

Alan Tanaka, JCCC of Montreal, Project: screening of Japanese and Japanese Canadians films and documentaries on a monthly basis for the community and to welcome others as well, Granted:  $2500.00

Colleen Lanki, Tomoe Arts Society, Vancouver, Performance of new chamber opera, Kayoi Komachi/Komachi Visited – a Noh opera, Granted:  $2,000.00

David Tanaka, Lethbridge Nikkei Cultural Society, Host the Ghost Town Bus Tour and offer travel subsidies for 15 Young Leaders under 35 years of age, Granted:  $3,750.00

Jean-Marcel Duciaume, Edmonton Ikenobo Ikebana Society, Hosting a visiting Professor of Ikenobo Ikebana from Japan. Purchase of ikebana vases for classes and for future use of vases by the Ikenobo Ikebana Society’s workshops and classes, Granted:  $2.570.00

Maki Ito, Regina Hibiki Taiko, Developing a Taiko program for children and Youth as part of culture and history of Japanese art, Granted:  $1,850.00

Rumiko Kanesaka, Japanese Garden Society of Saltspring Island, To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of JC Internment, this group would like to conduct research of other JC communities on other Gulf Islands, especially the history of the charcoal kilns, Granted:  $2,500.00

Sherri Kajiwara, Nikkei National Museum, Vancouver, BC, Develop a historical walking tour of the Fairview area, a former area where many JC families lived prior to WWII, Granted:  $3,500.00

Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, Vancouver, Producing and performing a play, 1 Hour Photo, a story of the life of one JC’s (Mas Yamamoto) and the effects of world events on his life, Granted:  $3,830.00

George Uyeda - Kamloops Japanese Community Association, Application for SEAD Grant referred to Culture Development Grant. The committee determined that the KJCA application was more fitting for a CD grant.  The grant is to purchase judo mats for the Judo Club, Granted:  $1000.00

Lucy Yamashita, individual application, Winnipeg, MB, Grant to purchase umbrellas (kasa’s) for the Aurora Dance Group, Granted:  $4,000.00

Charles Tasaka, individual application, Vancouver, BC, Commemorative event to honour 75th anniversary of internment, Granted:  $1,000.00

2016 Recipients


Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi, World Association Track Meet, Granted:  $2405


Total Cultural Development Grant Awarded:  $35,000

Cindy Mochizuki, Japanese Version of Book “Things on a Shoreline”, Granted:  $4000

Central Vancouver Island JCCS (7 Potatoes), Forming a Taiko Drumming Group, Granted: $4000

Hasting Park Foundation, Book Project “Nishga Girl”, Granted: $4000

Regina Hibiki Taiko Club Inc., Training Taiko Workshop, Granted: $1500

Jean-Pierre Antonio, Translation of Masayuki Yano diary, Granted: $2500

Kamloops KJC, Document JC Family Histories, Granted: $2000

Keiko Miyamatsu Saunders, Translation of “Gateway to Promise”, Granted: $1500

Lillian Maguire, Theatre Play “Hidden Memories”, Granted: $2500

Michael Maddeaux, Produce pilot episode with Asian Canadian cast, Granted: $3000

Nikkei National Museum, Commemoration of 100th year anniversary of WWI participation by JC soldiers, Granted: $1500

Edmonton Japanese Community Association, Natsumatsuri (Japanese Summer Festival), Granted: $2500

Tamai Kobayashi, Japanese translation of “Prairie Ostrich”, Granted: $2000

Vancouver Nisei Curling Club, Host 50th Annual BC Nisei Curling Bonspiel, Granted: $2500

Yoshi Inouye, Photo Works of tattoos, Granted: $1500

Yoshie Bancroft, Theatre production based on internment camps, Granted: $2000

2015 Recipients


Jennifer Matsunaga, Ottawa, ON, Archival research: Japanese Canadian redress Sscretariat and Indian residential Shcools adjunction secretariat, Granted: $ 2,500


Chuck Tasaka, Nanaimo, BC, Ohairi Park, Granted: $ 3,500

Elena Kusaka, Burnaby, BC, Historical project on Dr. Shuichi Kusaka, Granted: $ 2,700

Japanese Garden Society of Salt Spring Island, Saltspring Island, BC, Restoration of charcoal pits, Granted: $ 2,000

Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Preserving family histories, Granted: $ 3,350

Kagan Goh, Vancouver, BC, Documentary film "Breaking the Silence", Granted: $ 3,500

Mark Kunji Ikeda, Calgary, AB, Theatre project "Sansei- The Storyteller", Granted: $3,000

Powell Street Festival, Vancouver, BC, Asahi tribute project, Granted: $ 1,500

Regina Japanese Canadian Club Inc., Regina, SK, Regina based Taiko group, Granted: $ 2,500

Tetsuro Shigematsu , Vancouver, BC, Theatre show "Empire of the Sun", Granted: $ 3,500

Vivian Wakabayashi Rygnestad, Richmond, BC, Pidgeon English, Granted: $ 3,500

2014 Recipients


Tyler Nagano, Oakville, Ontario, Golf, Granted: $ 2,500


Brefni Shuttleworth, Toronto, ON, Exhibition of Japanese Canadians in WWII internment camps, Granted: $ 3,000

Hastings Park Foundation for Rights and Freedoms, Toronto, ON, Runaway horses, Granted: $ 1,000

Mylee Nordin and Thomas Buchanan, Toronto, ON, Grassy Narrows play, Granted: $ 2,500

Emiko Morita, Vancouver, BC, Exhibit "Hiroshi Calling", Granted: $ 1,000

GVJCCA Bulletin, Vancouver, BC, expansion of the Japanese section of the Bulletin Magazine, Granted: $ 5,000

Regina Japanese Canadian Club, Regina, SK, Taiko workshop, Granted: $ 1,000

Miyazaki House Society , Lillooet, BC, Preservation of Dr. Miyazaki Heritage Site, Granted: $ 3,000

Victoria Kyudo Association, Victoria, BC, Equipment for beginners and novice members, Granted: $ 700

The Corporation of the Village of New Denver, New Denver, BC, Free public event commemorating NIMC, Granted: $ 5,000

Nikkei Museum, Vancouver, BC, Restoration of the Japanese Canadian War Memorial Cenotaph, Granted: $ 5,000

2013 Recipients


Lisa Uyeda, Vancouver, BC, Master of Archival Studies, Granted: $ 2,500


Japanese Canadian Association of Yukon, Whitehorse, YK, Celebration 25th. Anniversary of Redress, Granted: $ 1,000

David Fujino, Toronto, ON, Staged reading of "The Plum Tree", Granted: $ 1,364.56

Japanese Social Services, Toronto, ON, Assistance of socially isolated Japanese immigrant women and their children, Granted:$ 2,400

Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC, Travelling exhibit "A Call for Justice- Fighting for Japanese Canadian Redress (1977-1988)", Granted: $ 3,000

Powell Street Festival, Vancouver, BC, Expansion to Nikkei community and Greater Vancouver, Granted: $ 5,000

2012 Recipients


Maiko Yamamoto, Vancouver, BC, Masters of Applied Arts, Granted: $ 1,000

Ruthie Sumiko Tabata, Vancouver, BC, Studies of Arts Administrator, Granted: $ 1,000

Julia Aoki, Vancouver, BC, Doctoral studies, Granted: $ 1,000


Greater Toronto Chapter NAJC, Toronto, ON,  Nikkei Manga Project, Granted: $ 1,000

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON,  Keisho Conference, Conference of history of Japanese Canadians post war years, Catalogue for exhibition of art by Ken Fukushima, Granted: $ 500

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, Burnaby, BC,  On: Art and Internment Exhibit, historical panels at Hastings Park, Granted: $ 500

Lakehead Japanese Canadian Culture Centre, Thunder Bay, ON,  Taiko Workshops, Granted: $ 800

France Benoit, Whitehorse, YT, Kiri’s Piano, Granted: $ 1,500

Jeff Chiba Stearns, Burnaby, BC, Mixed Match, Granted: $ 500

Seikyu Kai, Toronto, ON, Kyudo Equipment, Granted: $ 700

Concrete Theatre Society, Edmonton, AB, Production of Paper Song, play for children and families, Granted: $ 1,000

Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra, Vancouver, BC, Japanese instrument Sho, Granted: $ 500

Vancouver Opera Company, Vancouver, BC, Touring production of "Naomi's Road", Granted: $ 1,000

Ayaka Yoshimizu, Vancouver, BC, Historical research of Japanese Canadian women, Granted: $ 1,200

Kyudo Association of Canada, Vancouver, BC,  Seminar, Granted: $ 700

Greg Masuda, Vancouver, BC,  Documentary, ‘Goddess of Mercy’, Granted: $ 1,000

Julie Tamiko Manning and Matt Miwa, Montreal, QC,  Tashme Project, Granted: $ 1,000

Arrow Lakes Art Council, Nakusp, BC, sculpture by Toru Fujibayashi, Granted: $ 1,000

Yayoi Theatre Movement Society, Vancouver, BC, production of Medea, contemporary adaptation of two plays, Granted: $ 700

Tonari Gumi, Vancouver, BC, installation of kitchen and new home, Granted:$1,500

Pamela Sugiman, Toronto, ON, Symposium for 25th. anniversary of the Redress settlement, Granted: $ 1,000

Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Japanese language workshops for teachers, Granted: $ 800

2011 Recipients



Lisa Rie Hansen, Vancouver, BC, Studies of Library and information technology, Granted: $ 1,000

Danielle Jette, Calgary, AB, sudent exchange programme, Granted:$ 1,000

Erin Kuwabara, Brantford, ON, training Quinte Ballet School, Granted: $ 500


Asian Canadian Studies Society, Vancouver, BC, Translation of "Vancouver Asahi Monogatai", Granted: $ 1,800

Kamloops and Area NAJC, Kamloops, BC, Museum room for Japanese Canadian Association, Granted: $ 1,000

Cindy Mochizuki, Vancouver, BC, Docu-animation "Shiro Yagi", Granted: $ 1,200

Masako Sharpe, Vancouver, BC, Fifth annual workshop, Granted: $ 1,000

Hideo Takahashi, Toronto, BC, Diary of Mr. Takahashi, Granted: $ 500



Alejandro Yoshizawa, Montreal, QC, Research and film of Matsutake hunting, Granted: $ 2,000


Julia Aoki, Powell Street Festival Society, Vancouver, BC, Japanese Canadian artists, Granted: $ 3,000

Beth Carter, Japanese Canadian National Museum, Vancouver, BC, Photographs "Monogatari-Tales of Powell Street (1900-1941)", Granted: $ 2,000

Ken Galloway , Toronto, ON, Documentary "Japantown", Granted: $ 1,400

Rose Murakami & Richard Murakami, Salt Spring Island, BC, 8 gravestones, cedar posts & plaques, Granted: $ 2,500

Kenji Tokawa, Toronto, ON, Book of poetry "Nikkei 41", Granted: $ 650

2010 Recipients


Alexandra Yoshi Allen, Winnipeg, MB, REno POle Vault Summitt, Granted: $ 800

Christina Sumie Hirukawa, Vancouver, BC, Studies University of Glasgow, Granted: $ 800

Amanda Kimoto, Calgary, AB, Competition figure skating, Granted: $ 600

Maki Oba, Edmonton, AB, Tennis tournament, Granted: $ 500

Austin Sora, Pickering, ON, Studies at Marmount Manhattan College, Granted: $ 500

Yota Kobayashi, Vancouver, BC, Stuides at Univesrity of British Columbia Music, Granted: $ 800

Catrina Megumi Longmuir, Vancouver, BC, Document stories of internees from New Denver, Granted: $ 2,000

Julie Tamiko Manning, Montreal, QC, Workshop Canada's National Voice, Granted: $ 2,000


April Sora, Saskatoon, SK, Taiko drums purchase and workshops, Granted: $ 3,000

Momoko Allard, Montreal, QC, visual art project "Parthenogenisis", Granted: $ 500

Kaori Kasai, Vancouver, BC, Animated video "Sora Space Monogatari", Granted: $ 500

Pia Massie , Vancouver, BC, Exhibit documentary "Just Beyong Hope", Granted: $ 1,000

Pangea Arts, Vancouver, BC, Original street theatre, Granted: $ 1,000

Sakura Singers Society, Vancouver, BC, uniforms and new music scores, Granted: $ 2,000

Sakura Kai Dance Group, Toronto, ON, Host 50th. Anniversary Dance Recital, Granted: $ 1,000

Steveston Buddhist Temple, Richmond, BC, Publication of book outlinign history of the temple, Granted: $ 1,000

Jean Maeda, Winnipeg, MB, Booklet and interview Nikkei who came from Kawasaki City, Japan in 1940's, Granted: $ 1,000

Katherine Yamashita, Toronto, ON, Multimedia installation, Granted: $ 500

Tiresias, Vancouver, BC, Production of "Halos of the Moon", Granted: $ 1,000

Hideo Takahashi, Scarborough, ON, Memoirs form WWII, Granted: $ 2,000

Rachel Sachiko Mercer, Hamilton, ON, Presentation of "Latin and Jazz travels, The Travelling Cell", Granted: $ 500

National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre, Burnaby, BC, Exhibit "Kizuna: Connection through Generations", Granted: $ 3,000

Wendy Ord, Winfield, BC, Film "Tora" about internment of Japanese Canadians, Granted: $ 3,000

New Denver Kyowakai Society, Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre, New Denver, BC, Restoration of Peace Garden, Granted: $ 3,700

2009 Recipients


Alison Reiko Loader, Montreal, QC, Animation studies, Granted: $ 1,500

Keiko Marumo, Edmonton, AB, Kendo, Granted: $ 1,000

Zen Nakamura, Montreal, QC, Exhibit in Gendai Gallery, Granted: $ 1,000


Ayame-Kai Dance Group, Toronto, ON, 25th Anniversary Concert, Granted:$ 3,000

Bendan Uegama, Delta, BC, Film "Henry's Glasses", Granted: $ 3,000

Calgary Japanese Community Association, Calgary, AB, History preservation project, Granted: $ 2,000

Powell Street Festival Society, Vancouver, BC, 33rd. Annual Powell Street Festival, Granted: $ 3,000

Yayoi Theatre Movement Society, Vancouver, BC, Multimedia dance performance "Identity", Granted: $ 1,500

Tomoe Arts Society, Vancouver, BC, Translations, space rental and other, Granted: $ 3,500

Starry Stroll Productions, Edmonton, AB, "Reiko", Granted: $ 2,500

Fubuki Daiko, Winnipeg, MB, Concerts, Granted: $ 2,500

Pi Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Community liaison, Granted: $ 1,500

2008 Recipients


Kyo Maclear and Kerry Sakamoto, Toronto, ON, Second Novel of Banff  Centre for the Arts, Granted: $ 1,800

Yu Maemura, Toronto, ON, Studies, Granted: $ 1,500

Jamie Naka, Kelowna, BC, Studies at Royal Conservatoryof Music, Granted: $ 1,600


Maya Kyoko Deforest, Vancouver, BC, Granted: $ 2,000

Galt Museum, Lethbridge, AB, Travelling exhibit Nikkei Journey, Granted: $ 1,500

Linda Ohama, Vancouver, BC, Display boards for Stanley Park, Granted: $ 1,000

Japanese Social Services, Toronto, ON, Granted: $ 3,500

Powell Street Festival Society, Vancouver, BC, Granted: $ 3,000

Kokoro Dance, Vancouver, BC, Granted: $ 2,000

Heritage Committee, JCCC, Toronto, ON, Showcase exhibition, catalogue, Granted: $ 1,500

Nikkei Research and Education Project of Ontario, Toronto, ON, Granted: $ 2,500

Oto-Wa Taiko, Kanata, ON, Concerts and workshops, Granted: $ 3,000

Tonari Gumi, Vancouver, BC, Festival, culture, art, history in Japantown, Oppenheimer, Granted: $ 1,500

Former Cumberland #1 Japanese Town Residents, Toronto, ON, Sakura trees in Heritage Park, Granted: $ 3,100

Vancouver Taiko Society, Vancouver, BC, Granted: $ 2,500


2007 Recipients



Emma Kimoto, Richmond, BC, Training and development Track and field, Granted: $ 2,500

Cultural Development

Gendai Gallery, Toronto, ON, Exhibition and catalogue works Shizuye Takashima, Granted: $ 2,000

Yayoi Theatre Movement Society, Vancouver, BC, Showcase project "Sonezaki Shinju", Granted: $ 1,500

Greater Vancouver JCCA Human Rights Committee, Vancouver, BC, Performance by the Frontline for Peace, Granted: $ 3,000

Momiji Dancers Society, Lethbridge, AB, Purchase yukata and fans, Granted: $ 2,500

Karen Brownlee, Lethbridge, AB, Travelling exhibition "The Sakura Tree", Granted: $ 1,000

Kirsten Emiko McAllister, Vancouver, BC, Conference and literary event "Tracing the Lines", Granted: $ 3,000


Cultural Development 

Jeff Chiba Stearns, Kelowna, BC, Short documentary and animated film "One Big Hapa Family", Granted: $ 2,500

Hiromi Goto, Coquitlam, BC, Translation of the book "Chorus of Mushrooms" in Japanese, Granted: $ 6,000

Heritage Committee, JCCC, Toronto, ON, Published the 1920 directory, Granted: $ 5,000

Terry Watada, Toronto, ON, Play "Obon: Festival of the Dead", Granted: $ 3,000

Takako Yanagida-Lordly, Toronto, ON, Recording and publishing of Japanese Art Song, Granted: $ 2,500

2006 Recipients



Steven Uchikata, Toronto, ON, Participation in The Canadian National Junior Ten Pin Bowling Team, Granted: $ 1,500

Cultural Development

Emiko Ando, Vancouver, BC, Film Production "Blue", relationships within Japanese Canadian family, Granted: $ 2,000

Yuki Okada, Otawa, ON, Creation of Children's Taiko Group, Granted: $ 2,500

Betty Inouye,Kamloops, BC, Book Project: Kamloops 30th Anniversary History Preservation Project, Granted: $ 3,000

Lillian Nakamura Maguire, Whitehorse, Yukon, Photo Exhibit, Granted: $ 3,000

National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre, Burnaby, BC, Oral Histories Project, Ohanashi-Stories of our Elders, Granted: $ 2,500

Nikkei Week 2006 Suian Maru Centennial Committee, Burnaby, BC, Celebration to Acknowledge the 100th Anniversary of the Early Japanese Settlers, Granted: $ 2,000

Mieko Watanabe, Montreal, QC, Video Production on her 60 Year Career & Life as an Ikebana Teacher, Granted: $ 1,500



Aretha Aoki, Vancouver, BC, Dance studies, Granted: $ 2,000

Nicole Tsukishima, Lethbridge, AB, Competitions in Judo, Granted: $ 2,000

Blake Tsuyuki, Port Moody, BC, Judo, Granted: $ 2,000

Cultural Development 

JCCC Heritage Cookbook Project Committee, JCCC, Toronto, anthropological resource for Japanese Canadian cooking, Granted: $ 2,000

Japanese Garden Society of Salt Spring Island, Salt Spring Island, BC, Creative interpretive panles on Japanese Candian history, Granted: $ 7,000

Keiko Tenney-Sean Homma, Vancouver, BC, Publication of children's book, Tomekichi Homma's struggle and perseverance, Granted: $ 3,000

Nikkei Cultural Society of Lethbridge and Area, Lethbridge, AB, Junior taiko group, Granted: $ 3,000

Raiden Taiko, Kamloops, BC, workshops in Vancouver, Edmonton and Seattle, Granted: $ 2,400

Yamabiko Taiko, Kelowna, BC, Equipment, Granted: $ 3,000

2005 Recipients


Tracy Matsuo, Toronto, ON, Research Project: Canadian Nikkei Groups, Granted: $ 2,000

Kirsten Manley-Casmir, Mississauga, ON, Beach Volleyball World Tour, Granted: $ 1,500

Naoko Metz, Delta, BC, Research Project: Healthcare for Japanese Canadians, Granted: $ 500

Kim Kobayashi, Vancouver, BC, Ethnomusicology Thesis on Taiko, Granted: $ 1,500

Bernard Arai, Vancouver, BC, Lessons on Shakuhachi, Granted: $ 1,000

Cultural Development

Notre Dame High School Alumnus, Port Coquitlam, ON, Printing of School Chronicle, Granted: $ 600

Masashi Crete-Nishihata, Toronto ON. Video Production, Granted: $ 2,500

Ron Reid, Toronto, ON, Promotion of Japanese Culture, Granted: $ 700

Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Purchase of Library Software & Computer, Granted: $ 1,500

Japanese Canadian Legacy Project, Toronto, ON, Oral Histories & Web Development, Granted: $ 5,000

National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Center, Burnaby, BC, BC Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet & Asahi Community Celebration, Granted: $ 1,000

Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, BC, Exhibition of Images of Internment, Granted: $ 1,000

Calgary Kotobuki Society, Calgary, AB, Production of History Books, Granted: $ 3,000

Canadian Japanese Ministries, Scarborough, ON, Reprinting of History Book, Granted: $ 700

Masako Fukawa, Burnaby, BC, Teacher's Professional Development Session, Granted: $ 1,500

Gendai Gallery, Toronto, ON, Exhibition of the Works of Akira Yoshikawa, Granted: $ 1,200

Kay Kishibe, Toronto, ON, Preparation of a Manuscript on the History of the Japanese Canadian Volunteer Soldier in WWI, Granted: $ 3,000

Jack Nakamoto, Ottawa, ON, Publication of Book, Granted: $ 1,000

Joshua Olson, Vancouver, BC, Documentary Film Project, Granted: $ 2,000

Powell Street Festival Society, Vancouver, BC, Project Focused Upon the Social & Cultural Histories of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Granted: $ 2,000

Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall, Vancouver, BC, Historical Exhibit & Publication for its Centennial Celebrations Project, Granted: $ 4,000

2004 Recipients


Shaun Tanaka, Kingston, ON, Research Project: Nikkei Cultural Dynamics, Granted: $ 2,500

Jessica Kimura, Vernon, BC, Development and training of snowboarder, Granted: $ 2,000

Cindy Mochizuki, Vancouver, BC, Research Project: Kika-nisei, Granted: $ 2,000

Philip Takeo Morishita Sonea, Ottawa, ON, Training and competition Waterpolo, Granted: $ 1,500

Cultural Development

Aiko Suzuki, Toronto, ON, Exhibition "A Space Gallery in Toronto", Granted: $ 1,000

Concrete Theatre, Edmonton, AB, Theatre production "Teh Plum Tree" by Mitch Miyagawa, Granted: $ 2,000

Japanese Community Volunteer Association, Vancouver, BC, Publication of History of Tonari Gumi, Granted: $ 5,000

Japanese Folklore Theatre Production, Toronto, ON, Theatre addressing cultural and anti-racist issues, Granted: $ 5,000

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal, Montreal, QC, History preservation project of Japanese Canadians in Montreal, Granted: $ 3,100

Yoshiko Sunahara, Toronto, ON, Exhibit art work of Walter Sunahara, Gendai Art Gallery, Granted: $ 1,000

Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society, Victoria, BC, Unimari Taiko Group: purchase of taiko drums, Granted: $ 1,800

Jeff Chiba Stearns, Burnaby, BC, short animated film, Granted: $ 3,100

Pamela Sugiman, Toronto, ON, Study of nisei men in WWII, Granted: $ 1,000

Pangea Arts Society, Vancouver, BC, NOH play entitled The Gull written by Daphne Marlatt, Granted: $ 5,000

2003 Recipients


Ann Nakashima, Vancouver, BC, Scientific paper in Korea, NOise Control Engineering Conference, Granted: $ 1,500

Kimiko Zakreski, Calgary, AB, Training camps of snowboarder, Granted: $ 1,000

Mariko Kage, Vancouver, BC, Study Butah, Granted: $ 1,250

Michiko Brown-Kai, Whitby, ON, Competition of highland dancer, Granted: $ 750

Tamiko Brown-Kai, Whitby, ON, Competition of highland dancer, Granted: $ 750

Thalia Namiko Kunimoto, Kelowna, BC, Studies, Granted: $ 1,250

Cultural Development

Alison Reiko Loader, Montreal, QC, Experimental video celebrating Montreal's Arashi Daiko, Granted: $ 1,000

Arthur Miki, Winnipeg, MB, History and achievements of Manitoba JC community, Granted: $ 2,000

Lethbridge Kyodokan Judo Club, Lethbridge, AB, Book to commemorate 50th. anniversary, Granted: $ 2,500

Michael Tora Speier, Vancouver, BC, Poem about internment, Granted: $ 2,500

Heather Midori Yamada, Vancouver, BC, Exhibition of "108000 Small Secrets", Granted: $ 1,500

Steveston Judo Club, Richmond, BC, Production of video and book, Granted: $ 4,000

Emiko Ando, Vancouver, BC, Production of short film, grandfather with Alzheimer's disease, Granted: $ 3,000

Ottawa Japanese Cultural Centre, Ottawa, ON, Ottawa Tulip Festival, Granted: $ 1,000

National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre, Burnaby, BC, Pre-internment Japanese Canadian community, Granted: $ 1,000

Firehall Theatre Society, Vancouver, BC, Performing Arts, Granted: $ 4,000

Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives, Lethbridge, AB, Nikkei Tapestry exhibit, Granted: $ 2,000

NeWest Press, Edmonton, AB, Publication of Roy Kiyooka, Granted: $ 4,000

2002 Recipients


Joanna Harue Mukai, Richmond, BC, Field hockey, Granted: $ 2,000

Kathleen Horibe, Montreal, QC, Photographic exhibit, Granted: $ 500

Kathy Shimizu, Vancouver, BC, Eduction at Emily Carr, Granted: $ 2,500

Sarah Kamino, Markham, ON, Synchronized skating competition, Granted: $ 1,000

Cultural Development

Canadian Kendo Federation, Training camps for competition, Granted: $ 2,000

Hamilton Chapter of NAJC, Hamilton, ON, Exhibit of Japanese Canadian National Museum, Granted: $ 2,500

Kyo Maclear and Kerri Sakamoto, Toronto, ON, Publication of Aiko Suzuki's art, Granted: $ 5,000

Gary Nagata, Toronto, ON, Production of "Koku", 8 original compositions of Taiko, Granted: $ 2,000

Gendai Gallery, Toronto, ON, Research of Japanese Canadian artists, Granted: $ 4,000

Bryce Kanbara, Hamilton, BC, Catalogue and art exhibition, Granted: $ 2,000

Powell Street Festival Society, Vancouver, BC, Productions for festival, Granted: $ 3,000

Team 2002 Japanese Canadian Midget Hockey, BC, 12-day trip to Japan Ice Hockey Federation, Granted: $ 3,500

Momiji Dancers Society, Lethbridge, AB, Anniversary performance, Granted: $ 1,000

Hinode Taiko, Winnipeg, MB, Commemoration Hinode's 20th. anniversary, Granted: $ 1,500

2001 Recipients


Mayumi Hoshi, Calgary, AB, Internet Japanese Canadian learning, Granted: $ 500

Reiko Lindsay Tagami, Vancouver, BC, Masters archival studies, Granted: $ 2,500

Cindy Mochizuki, Vancouver, BC, Art visual display, Granted: $ 1,000

Bradley Fujimoto, Fernie, BC, Chiropractic studies, Granted: $ 1,300

Sharay June Yaeko Taneda, Westbank, BC, Figure skating, Granted: $ 1,300

Matthew Noji, Manitoba, MB, Judo training, Granted: $ 1,300

Cultural Development

Changing Japanese Identity in Multicultural Canada Conference, Victoria, BC, Conference, Granted: $ 500

Committee to Organize Nikkei Fisherman's Reunion (Vancouver) Paul Kariya, Victoria, BC, Reunion tribute, Granted: $ 3,000

Japanese Canadian National Museum, Vancouver, BC, Exhibition, Granted: $ 3,000

Katari Taiko Drum Group Association, Vancouver, BC, Performance and workshop, Granted: $ 1,000

Addie Kobayashi, Richmond Hill, ON, Archival collection of Roger Obata, Granted: $ 1,000

Matsuri-Festival Japon Committee, Montreal, QC, Recreation of Japanese Summer festival, Granted: $ 1,000

Kathleen Chisato Kudo Merken, Montreal, QC, Translation of book Japanese to English, Granted: $ 1,500

Powell Street Festival Society, Vancouver, BC, Visual arts project, Granted: $ 1,700

Steveston Buddhist Temple Taiko Club, Steveston, BC, New Taiko group, Granted: $ 2,000

Wakaba-Kai Dance Group, Edmonton, AB, Concert and workshop, Granted: $ 2,750

Chibi Taiko, Vancouver, BC, Regional Taiko gathering, Granted: $ 2,500

Eileen Kage for Nishihara & Kage, Vancouver, BC, Music adaptation, Granted: $ 1,250

Christopher Hope, Toronto, ON, Granted: $ 2,000

Esau Tamura, Calgary, AB, Book research, Granted: $ 300

2000 Recipients


Tyler Boras, Coaldale, AB, Judo

Sean Hantke, Richmond BC, Medicine Study

Katsumi Bruce Kimoto, Montreal, QC

Kimberley Anne Kozuki, Vancouver, BC, Granted: $ 2,500

Tetsuumi Nagata, Nanaimo, BC, Violin studies, Granted: $ 2,000

Michio Ronald Sameshima, Richmond, BC, Granted: $1,000

Sharay June Yaeko Taneda, Kelowna, BC, Granted: $ 2,500

Cultural Development

Gendai Gallery, Aiko Suzuki, Toronto, ON

Yuriko Iga, AB

Sadashi Inuzuka

Kamloops Judo Club, Henry Uyeda

Kokoro Dance Jay Hirabayashi, Vancouver, BC

Lethbridge & District JC Association

Metro Edmonton Japanese Community School

Baco Ohama

Team 2000 Paul Kariya, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver JCCA Bulletin, John Endo Greenaway

1999 Recipients


Mitsuho Michelle Ariga, Toronto, ON, Identity and minority rights conference, Granted: $ 1,200

Emiko Carley, Vancouver, BC, Textiles (shibori) symposium in Chile, Granted: $ 1,100

Mark Miyashita, Vancouver, BC, Lacrosse World championship, Granted: $ 2,500

Tetsuumi Nagata, Nanaimo, BC, Violin studies, Granted: $ 2,500

Susan Nishi, Vancouver, BC, Writing program, Granted: $ 1,000

Deanna Leah Oye, Rochester, NY, USA, Music study, Granted: $ 2,500

Craig Takeuchi, Vancouver, BC, Creative writing program, Granted: $ 2,500

Cultural Development

Edmonton Chigiri-E Circle Keiko Frueh

Japanese Canadian Community of Ucluelet and Tofino

Kagan Goh, Vancouver, BC

LOUD Eileen Kage, Vancouver, BC

Lynda Nakashima, Vancouver, BC

Thomas Kuwabara Sando, Edmonton, AB

Michael Tora Speier, Vancouver, BC

Vernon Japanese Canadian Cultural Society, Odori Group 

1998 Recipients


Tanya Clark, Lethbridge, AB, Research "Predictators of Racial identity among Japanese Canadians"

Christa Junko Horita Kadach, Vancouver, BC, Piano performance in Czech Republic

Oliver Joshua Oike, Winnipeg, MB, Communication Design studies, Granted: $ 2,000

Chiyoko Szlavnics, Toronto, ON

Jonathan Vandervet, Brantford, ON

Steve Watanabe, Etobicoke, ON

Cultural Development

Sadashi Inuzuka

Dana Ishiura

Lethbridge & District Japanese Canadian Association

History Preservation Committee

Bryce Kanbara, Urasaki Project

1997 Recipients


Krista Hirose, Winnipeg, MB, Artistic gymnastics, Granted: $ 2,500

Yoko Ishii, Calgary, AB, Research of Japanese Canadian view on education

Aya Miyagawa, North Vancouver, BC, Music school, Granted: $ 2,400

Steve Oye, Winnipeg, MB, Judo training, Granted: $ 1,600

Wendy Taeko Takeda, Coaldale, AB, Chinese medicine, Granted: $ 500

Brent Keiji Tanada, Richmond, BC, Judo training, Granted: $ 1,000

Cultural Development

Chibi Taiko Association, Vancouver, BC

Sally Sachiko Ito, Edmonton, AB

Japanese Canadians of Greenwood, BC

Nikkei Artist Network, Montreal, QC

Mieko Ouchi, Edmonton, AB

1996 Recipients


Yukimi Henry, Cornwall, PEI, Law school, Granted: $ 1,000

Daien Ide, Ottawa, ON, Anthropology, Granted: $ 1,000

Rebecca Jefferies, Penticton, BC, Music training, Granted: $ 1,500

Shasta Kadonaga, Calgary, AB, Rythmic gymnastics training, Granted: $ 1,500

Bruce Kamstra, Prince George, BC, Judo training, Granted: $ 800

Alison Loader, Montreal, QC, Computer animation studies, Granted: $ 1,500

Paul Miyagawa, North Vancouver, BC, Nuclear physics, Granted: $ 500

Corie Namba, Winnipeg, MB, Kendo training, Granted: $ 500

Kendra Ohama, Calgary, AB, Wheelchair for sports, Granted: $ 2,500

Donna Yamamoto, North Vancouver, BC, Acting course, Granted: $ 1,300

Cultural Development

Calgary JCA Youth Group, Jason Lee

Campbell River Twinning Association

Fujiwara Dance Inventions, Toronto, ON

Gendai Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, ON

Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee

Chizuko Kimura, Gibbons, AB

Manitoba JC Cultural Centre

Manitoba Japanese Community Youth

Waylen Miki, Vancouver, BC

NAJC Quebec Chapter, Montreal, QC

1995 Recipients


Mary Burke, Vaudreuil, QC, Vocal studies in New York, Granted: $ 1,000

Renay Egami, Montreal, QC, Studies in Fine Arts, Granted: $ 2,500

Tomiko Leslie Johnson, Waverley, NS, Kayak sprint racing training, Granted: $ 1,500

Dean Kimoto, Vernon, BC, Tennis, Granted: $ 500

Peter Kosaka, Toronto, ON, Studies in vocal acting, Granted: $ 1,200

Andrew Mukai, Richmond, BC, Judo, Granted: $ 500

Akemi Nishidera, Toronto, ON, Papermaking symposium, Granted: $ 2,000

Yuki Sato, Calgary, AB, Multieducational fiedl-study in Japan, Granted: $ 500

Richard Shimoda, Toronto, ON, Law, Granted: $ 700

Emi Tasaka, Richmond, BC, Judo, Granted: $ 1,200

Cultural Development

Edmonton Odori Group, Wakaba-kai

Yoko Hirota, Saskatoon, SK

Karen Kobayashi, Vancouver, BC

Ottawa Japanese Language School

Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

Mona Oikawa, Toronto, ON

Ottawa Odori Group

Oto-wa Taiko, Erin Yoshida

Heather Yamada, Montreal, QC

1994 Recipients


Megan Hattori, Kelowna, BC, Squash, Granted: $ 1,200

Kamilyn Kaneko, Vancouver, BC, Acting vocal & mime lessons, Granted: $ 800

Ko Maddock, Toronto, ON, Skiing, freestyle training, Granted: $ 2,000

Susan Sirovyak, Vancouver, BC, Art administration, Granted: $ 2,000

Allison Tanaka, Ottawa, ON, Wrestling freestyle training, Granted: $ 1,000

Stewart Tanaka, Ottawa, ON, Judo training and competitions, Granted: $ 1,500

Cultural Development

Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education, Toronto, ON, Japanese language course, Granted: $ 4,000

Japanese Canadian Odori Group of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Workshops, Granted: $ 5,000

Bill Hasegawa, Calgary, AB, Education and public pamphlets, Granted: $ 2,000

K. Emiko Morita, Vancouver, BC, Research, Granted: $ 1,500

Gary Nagata, Toronto, ON, Taiko drums, Granted: $ 5,000

NAJC Kamloops & Area Chapter, Kamloops, BC, Tea ceremony equipment, Granted: $ 2,000

Gerry Shikatani, Montreal, QC, Manuscript preparation and production, Granted: $ 5,000

Katherine Shozawa, Vancouver, BC, Japanese Canadian hisotircal travelling exhibit, Granted: $ 2,500

Pamela Sugiman, Toronto, ON, Social research study of Japanese in Ontario and BC during prewar and WWII and post war periods, Granted: $ 2,000

1993 Recipients


Kevin de Forest, Montreal, QC, Fine arts studies, Granted: $ 1,000

Renay Egami, Montreal, QC, Fine arts studies sculpture, Granted: $ 1,000

Hiromi Goto, Calgary, AB, Creating writing and editing skills with Professor Aritha Van Herk, Granted: $ 1,000

Jonathan Hirota, Nanaimo, BC, Decathalon skills, Granted: $ 1,000

Craig Kiyono, Westbank, BC, Karate traingin with BC Team, Granted: $ 1,000

Kyo Maclear, Toronto, ON, Writing, Granted: $ 1,000

Scott McFarlane, Vancouver, BC, Education Sociology, Granted: $ 1,000

Kathy Masaki, Sandy, Utah, USA, Music study, Granted: $ 1,500

Sharon Minemoto, Richmond, BC, Music Jazz study, Granted: $ 1,000

Aya Shannon Miyagawa, North Vancouver, BC, Music study, Granted: $ 1,000

Kim Sandra Lyn Nagata, Calgary, AB, Deisgn studies: metals, Granted: $ 1,000

Jim Neil Natsuhara, Kelowna, BC, Track & field: jumping skills, Granted: $ 1,000

Taro Tan, Montreal, QC, Judo training, Granted: $ 1,000

Cultural Development

Hamilton Seniors Minyo Odori Group, Hamilton, ON, Japanese fans, Granted: $ 1,000

JPSE Cdn. 55 Plus Club, Lakehead Japanese Cultural Association, Thunder Bay, ON, Costumes, Granted: $ 1,000

Japanese Language Centre of Montreal, Montreal, QC, Programming, Granted: $ 3,000

Kaeda Cultural Association, Calgary, AB

Kita No Taiko, Dan Kinoshita, Edmonton, AB, Skills development, Granted: $ 3,500

Sakura Dancers, Nobue Teramura, Lethbridge, BC, Kimono materials, Granted: $ 1,000

Tom Sando & Yumiko Hoyano, Edmonton, AB, Book publishing, Granted: $ 2,000

Sachi L. Yamabe, Vancouver, BC, Artist's travel and transportation costs, Granted: $ 1,500

Vancouver JCCA Music Group/Sakura Singers, Vancouver, BC, Electric piano, Granted: $ 1,500

1992 Recipients


Susan Dunstan, Thunder Bay, ON, Study music theatre, Granted: $ 1,500

Karen Gomyo, Montreal, QC, Violin studies, Granted: $ 2,000

Jeanette Hirasawa, Toronto, ON, Music studies, Granted: $ 1,500

Aya Hironaka, Raymond, AB, Traditional Japanese dance studies in Japan, Granted: $ 1,500

Jay Kojima, Winnipeg, MB, Law School

Waylen Miki, Vancouver, BC, Music studies

Stefan Mitani, Dryden, ON, Judo training

Gary Nagata, Richmond Hill, ON, Traditional Japanese drumming studies in Japan, Granted: $ 1,500

Kendra Ohama, Calgary, AB, Wheelchair basketball skills, Granted: $ 2,000

Jay Ono, Burnaby, BC, Acting studies,

Steven Oye, Winnipeg, MB, Judo training, Granted: $ 1,500

Kurt Ouchi, Vernon, BC, Swim development

Aja Shimizu, Toronto, ON, Rhythmic gymnastics development, Granted: $ 1,500

Tara Shioya, BC

Chiyoko Szlavnics, Toronto, ON, Jazz study

Cultural Development

Edmonton Japanese Community Association, Edmonton, AB, newletter upgrade

Sadashi Inuzuka, Toronto, ON, Resident artist, Granted: $ 1,000

Japanese Heritage Bunk Society, Lethbridge, AB, promotional workshop, Granted: $ 2,000

Kamloops JCA, Kamloops, BC, Odori instructor, Granted: $ 4,000

Momiji Dancers' Society, Lily Yamashita, Costumes, Granted: $ 2,000

Nikkei Women's Collective, Toronto, ON, Book and video presentation, Granted: $ 2,500

Baco Ohama, Montreal, QC, Resident artist, Granted: $ 800

Ottawa Odori Group, Amy Yamasaki, Ottawa, ON, Kimono

Seibei Kai Sogetsu Study Group, S. W. Watanabe, Montreal, QC, Ikebana presentation

Shisui-kai Group, Vancouver, BC, Laito (wooden sword), Granted: $ 600

1991 Recipients


Carly Fuchihara, Thunder Bay, ON, Ski training downhill

Kenneth Futamura, Pierrefonds, QC, Gymnast training, Granted: $ 2,000

Kathryn Hatashita-Lee, Vancouver, BC, College of Art and Design children's book, Granted: $ 1,500

Robert Hirano, Lethbridge, AB, Traditional Japanese Architecture and Garden study in Japan

Monica Hirayama, Port Albertni, BC, Piano studies, Granted: $ 1,500

Eric Koyanagi, Burlington, ON, Film school, Granted: $ 2,000

Kirsten McAllister, Ottawa, ON, Communications

Jeam Maeda,  Vancouver, BC, Traditional Japanese folk dance study in Japan, Granted: $ 1,000

Kayo Miki, Nanaimo, BC, Violin: East man school of Music

Michael Tora Speier, Vancouver, BC, Nihonga Painting studies in Japan, Granted: $ 1,769

Hisako Takahashi, Lethbridge, AB, Traditional Japanese song "Enka" studies in Japan, Granted: $ 1,000

Khristina Wood, Deep River, ON, Ontario College of Art, Granted: $ 1,500

Donna Yamamoto, North Vancouver, BC, Acting school

Cultural Development

JYGSAW Toronto, Sandy Usami, Toronto, ON, Talent and variety show, Granted: $ 2,000

Manitoba JCCC Language Classes, Winnipeg, MB, Language classes, Granted: $ 3,000

Nikkei Arts & Crafts, Cheryl Suzuki, Vancouver, BC, Nikkei arts and crafts fair, Granted: $ 1,000

Vancouver Japanese Language School, Vancouver, BC, Historical display of school, Granted: $ 5,000