National Merit Award

NAJC member organizations and supporting organizations may nominate individuals who have shown leadership and outstanding contributions in the service of their local community, for recognition by the NAJC.

NAJC National Merit Award


Mitchell Kawasaki

Mitchell is a former Olympian and trainer of many champions as well as a coach of national teams both for judo and wrestling.  He has been president of the Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre both in the past and currently.  He has served on the board of directors numerous times and has lead the community during the unprecedented COVID 19 crisis ensuring that the community stayed safe during this time.  It was a difficult time with no money coming in and bills to pay but the CJCC managed to survive.  He has also been involved in human rights issues and initialed the involvement of CJCC’s response to many disaster relief efforts and other crises in the past receiving acknowledgement from the Canadian Red Cross for CJCC’s responses.



Kawasaki Rendokan Judo

In recognition of the 65th anniversary of the Hamilton Kodokan and Kawasaki Rendokan Judo Club and the dedication to the athletes involved and to the Japanese Canadian community.






NAJC National Merit Award Recipients

Awarded by local associations for work at local level  (partial listing)

Jim Hiroshi Tomimoto

Kay Keiko Kuwahara

Kimoto Mary

Anne Nakamura

Marianne Natsuhara

Roy Natsuhara

Jim Nishiyama

Kay Robson

John Shimizu

Ed Yamamoto

Chikara Koyanagi

Fumi Fujiwara

Kathryn Honda

Nobu Ellis, Winnipeg

Dan Namba, Winnipeg

Sakaye “Sockeye” Hashimoto

Gayle Swanson

Kiyoko ‘Kay’ Takahara

Tadashi ‘Tad’ Mori

Richard Oikawa

Joe Minten