NAJC Endowment Fund

After many years of struggle to seek redress for the unjust treatment of Japanese Canadians by the Canadian government during and after World War II, the Japanese Canadian Redress Agreement was signed by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and NAJC President Art Miki, on September 22, 1988.

The Redress Agreement acknowledged the unjust actions of the Canadian government and provided a symbolic redress for those actions. $12 million was provided to the Japanese Canadian community through the NAJC to undertake educational, social and cultural activities and programs that contribute to the well being of the community or promote human rights. The Japanese Canadian Redress Foundation (JCRF) was established by the NAJC for the purpose of allocating the $12 million community redress payment on behalf of the Japanese Canadian community.

In furtherance of the purpose of the community redress payment, the Redress Foundation entrusted the NAJC to administer a Sports, Education, Arts Development (SEAD) and Cultural Development (CD) program. It is the intent of the Redress Foundation and the NAJC to ensure that the benefits realized from the Redress Agreement continue to benefit and enhance the development of the Japanese Canadian community and its members into the new millennium.

Deadlines for applications are June 30, 2020 by 2:00pm CDT.

Cultural Development Fund 

The purpose of the CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT program is to:

  • provide financial assistance to community and cultural organizations, and individuals, for projects and activities
  • promote and develop Japanese Canadian culture and heritage



  • Preference will be given to organizations with a history of Japanese Canadian community involvement or of promoting or developing Japanese Canadian culture


  • Must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant
    Must be a project or activity which promotes or develops Japanese Canadian culture

Online application form, PDF form, Word form, EF 2020 Summary Report Form

Applications for 2020 are no longer being accepted. Next deadline will be on March 31, 2021.

SEAD Program

Sports, Education, and Arts Development

The purpose of the SEAD Program is to:

  • promote athletic, artistic and academic development of Japanese Canadians
  • enrich Japanese Canadian culture and community within the Canadian society
  • provide financial assistance in the form of grants to Japanese Canadian individuals furthering their studies, training and skills (but is not meant to replace scholarships/bursaries for tuition)


Priority will be given to first-time applicants without exception.

Previous grant recipients may reapply for a further SEAD grant, in a similar endeavour only if:

  • In the case of sports, the recipient has shown significant improvement, either with a substantial and quantifiable rise in national or international rankings, or has been promoted
    to a higher level of competition
  • in the case of education/focused studies, the studies or program are significantly and obviously different from the original studies or program
  • in the case of visual, performing or literary arts, the grant request applies to a significantly different project.

SEAD online application form, SEAD PDF Forms, SEAD Word form, EF 2020 Summary Report Form

Applications for 2020 are no longer being accepted. Next deadline will be on March 31, 2021.

1.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
2.  Complete application must be received by the NAJC Winnipeg office before the deadline.  After this date, it will not be accepted.
3.  A letter of acknowledgement by a NAJC member organization must be included with the application.