Endowment Fund FAQs

National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC)  | Endowment Fund Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the deadline?

Sunday, March 31, 2024 11:59 PM Pacific Time. 

How do I apply?

 Application forms for Cultural Development and SEAD are in different formats (online, also PDF) on the NAJC website.

What is the difference between the Cultural Development and SEAD programs under the Endowment Fund?

The maximum grant for Cultural Development is $5,000. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to community and cultural organizations, and individuals for projects and activities which promote and develop Japanese Canadian culture and heritage.

The maximum grant for SEAD (Sports, Education and Arts Development) is $2,500. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to Japanese Canadian individuals furthering their specialized studies, training, and skills, but is not meant to replace scholarships/bursaries. 

Who is eligible?

For individuals, Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents.

For organizations for Cultural Development, preference will be given to organizations with a history of Japanese Canadian community involvement or of promoting or developing Japanese Canadian culture.

For individuals for SEAD, Japanese Canadian individuals who are furthering their studies, training and skills in specialized areas (not undergraduate or general studies) or development in a sport where the individual has demonstrated achievement at the provincial or national levels (no specific age restriction).

See NAJC website.

Do I need to obtain a support letter from my local NAJC member organization?

 No. Your contact information may be shared with your local NAJC member organization, and you are expected to connect with the organization in order to strengthen ties within the Japanese Canadian community. 

If I’m an applicant on a project, would the grant include funding for my pay?

 The fund is not for living expenses or a wage subsidy. However, if the applicant’s work is integral to the project, their work and compensation should be noted and would be considered. 

When do I get the money if approved for the grant?

Once the application has been approved and the agreement has been signed, funds will be forwarded to the applicant. 

Do I have to do a report?

The recipient must submit a final report and budget accounting (including copies of receipts) to the NAJC within three months of expending the grant and/or completing the project. 

What is required when I am promoting my project?

The recipient must acknowledge the contribution of the NAJC Endowment Fund in all promotional materials. Also, forward to the NAJC copies of any news release, report or publication that refers either to the project described in the application or to the grant received. We will provide the NAJC logo and website address najc.ca Also, we will provide social media graphics and request your assistance to help promote the fund. 

What if there is a delay in the completion of my project?

We are mindful of the challenges with COVID-19 so we would consider an extension of up to 18 months if your project will be delayed because of the pandemic. Please advise the NAJC of any delays in a project or event and to obtain prior approval for any extensions. 

What if I want to change my project?

You were awarded a grant based on your application, and the funds are to be used only for the purposes specified in your application. Please advise the NAJC of any proposed changes in a project or event and to obtain prior approval for such changes before such changes are made. 

Am I allowed to apply for a grant in multiple years?

You may apply. Your completion of any previous projects and submission of a final report(s) would be required before a new application may be considered. You are not eligible to apply for additional funding for a previous project.