Session on Domestic Violence (in Japanese)

Organizers:  Jamsnetcanada, NAJC

Do you think you know!?  What is DV (Domestic Violence)?

Saturday June 19, 2021
19:00-20:00 ET (Ontario time)
Free, Canada wide

Contents:  What is DV?

DV accusers characteristics

DV victims characteristics

What to do?

Presenter:  Takanori Kuge
Ontario certified psychotherapist, M.A.(counseling)
Since 2006, working as counselor/psychotherapist at Japanese Social Services (JSS), non profitable counseling social work agency). Experience various counselling including DV.

Facilitator:  Yumi Schoenhofer
Resides in Ottawa. 33 years volunteer experience at Ottawa Japanese Community Association (OJCA) and NAJC. Specializing in Japanese immigrant support and human rights issues.  A mother raised three children including a set of twins both in Japan and Canada.



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