Nikkei Manga as part of the exhibition in Yokohama, Japan: Dec 13 – Feb. 15, 2015

The Sword, the Medal and the RosaryThe Japan Overseas Migration Museum will be presenting an exhibition of Nikkei Manga from communities around the world.  The NAJC is proud to announce that the Japanese Canadian manga, “The Sword, The Medal and The Rosary” written by Terry Watada and illustrated by Kenji Iwata will have the front cover and several pages featured in the exhibition.

“The Sword, The Medal and The Rosary”, an illustrated historical fiction piece that depicts the true life and times of a first-generation Japanese Canadian who fought in WWI for Canada but was interned and exiled during WWII. Yasuo Takashima’s struggles for a place in society have remained unknown until HpF Press and the National Association of Japanese Canadians endeavoured to bring his story into the light of day. In the end, Takashima’s story speaks to the very heart of what it means to be Canadian.

The NAJC Endowment Fund and the Greater Toronto Chapter NAJC is proud to have been a partner in the book.  Efforts are underway to complete Book Two of the trilogy.

A very limited number of books are still available for purchase.

Please contact HPF Press, 6 Wildwood Crescent, Toronto, ON  M4L 2K7 For information on the exhibit, please visit:  Japan Overseas Migration Museum

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