NAJC Executive Director’s Report

Ken Noma. On behalf of the National Association of Japanese Canadians, I extend Season’s Greetings and Best wishes for 2015. In October of this year, I was appointed as NAJC Executive Director for a term of one year. Since 2008, it has been the wish of the National Council to create this position but due to the recession that year, it was delayed until now. As ED, some of my goals will be to: establish and maintain the organization’s national profile within and outside the Nikkei community; to advocate for human rights and social justice; and to support and lead opportunities for community mentoring. To date, I have spoken to representatives of our 14 member organizations and noted their concerns around the issues of: volunteer and financial sustainability; youth engagement; first nations and new immigrants. Together, I hope to continue the dialogue and provide some assistance in dealing with these important issues. The NAJC National Council made the financial commitment in Vancouver to support two major initiatives for 2015. The National Japanese Canadian Youth Council will organize a summer conference; as well, the NAJC Human Rights Committee will hold a national conference in May. Please visit our website for further information. I also wish to welcome Lisa Uyeda to the National Executive Board as Chair of the Heritage Committee. Her specialty in archival science will be a needed skill in this portfolio. As a young leader, she will join Lisa Schoenhofer on the Board to provide an important voice from our next generation. If you have concerns or wish to share information, I invite you to contact me at

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