Let’s learn about COVID vaccine in Japanese

JAMSNET Canada is hosting an online workshop for “Let’s learn about COVID vaccine in Japanese” on Saturday, May 1

Japanese RN and NPs will break down COVID vaccine information from Canadian government into easy-to-understand Japanese. To attend, please register through JAMSNET Canada website or the registration page by April 28. A webinar link will be sent by e-mail on April 29.

Let’s Learn about COVID-19 Vaccine in Japanese

Host: JAMSNET Canada(Japanese Medical Support Network Canada)

Sponsor: Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce and Industry


4:30-5:30pm Vancouver & Whitehorse

5:30-6:30pm Calgary & Saskatoon

6:30-7:30pm Winnipeg

7:30-8:30pm Toronto, Ottawa, Qubec

8:30-9:30pm Halifax

9:00-10:00pm St. Johns

Moderator: Steven Hashimoto(NP:British Columbia)

Presenters: Kyoko Kennedy(NP:Ontario)|. Tomoko Fukushima(RN:Ontario)


What is a vaccine? Types of COVID19 vaccines, safety and effectiveness of COVID vaccines, side effects, information literacy and COVID vaccine, Q&A, etc.

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