NAJC celebrates National Canadian Film Day with Obachan’s Garden

Filmmaker Linda Ohama shared stories and answered questions in a Q&A session after the screening. Participants shared how this powerful film captured their hearts and the timeless quality of the film can still engage, inspire and fill us with love and hope. Participants were also treated to a surprise, a guest who was a child in the film, 20 years ago.

Q&A session

Film: Obachan’s Garden
Free streaming available at National Film Board of Canada
Peeling back the layers of her grandmother’s life, filmmaker Linda Ohama discovers a painful, buried past in this feature-length documentary. Asayo Murakami, 103 years old, recalls life in Japan, her arrival in Canada as a “picture bride,” her determination to marry a man of her choice, the bombing of Hiroshima and the forced relocation of her family during WWII. Beautifully rendered dramatic sequences are merged with an exquisite collection of memories, feelings, images and voices. Culminating in an emotional reunion with a long-lost daughter, this film is a personal reflection of Japanese-Canadian history and a testament to one woman’s endurance and spirit.
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