An emergency meeting of the Kamloops Japanese Canadian Association was held at noon on March 14 to discuss what we could do to help the survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan. Members of the media, from both radio and television were in attendance. They listened, asked questions, interviewed some of our members, and reported our activities on the 6 o’clock news. We were also interviewed for the newspapers. We have come up with a few fundraising activities, with more to be decided in the next few weeks.

On March 20, a fundraising dinner will be held at Duffy’s Pub, with proceeds going to the Japan Disaster Fund. Thanks to the media, in just two days, most of the tickets have been sold.

Our regular Monthly Udon Lunch was already scheduled for March 25, and net proceeds from this lunch will be donated to the fund. Our Annual NAJC Fun Casino is scheduled for April 16, and the proceeds from this fundraiser will also go to the Japan Disaster fund. On March 29, we already had a screening scheduled of a Japanese Movie “Hokushin Naname ni Sasu Tokoro” with English sub-titles. The producer and assistant director are bringing the film from Japan and will be in attendance to discuss the film. Admission is free, but they have given us permission to accept donations for the Japan Disaster Fund.

A fund raising Roast Beef Dinner catered by the JC Cultural Centre crew will be held at our Cultural Centre on April 9. A Silent Auction will be held in conjunction with the dinner. A Family Pancake breakfast will be held at our Cultural Centre on May 1 with admission by donation.

A Donation Box has been set up at our Cultural Centre and we are accepting donations from the general public. Donations continue to pour in, and will be forwarded to Japan via the Canadian Red Cross. The Red Cross in Kamloops will be issuing tax receipts for donations of $20 and more, and will forward them to the Red Cross in Japan.

We have had excellent response from the public. The Kamloops Multicultural Society is in the process of organizing an International Dinner with the member Ethnic groups providing the food. Proceeds, of course, will go to the Japan Disaster Fund. A restaurant that serves East Indian Food is organizing a fundraiser for us at the restaurant. We have an International Department at our university, TRU, and to date, the India Club and the Japan Club are holding fundraisers. Kamloops Immigrant Services is soliciting donations.

Please see our website, www.kjca.ca for updates

Contact: George Uyeda, Fund Raising Coordinator 250-376-9629 or najc.kamloops@telus.net

Betty Inouye, 250-376-3506 or info@kjca.ca

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