Healing Support for Japanese Canadians

The Anglican Church of Canada and the National Association of Japanese Canadians are pleased to announce that an agreement in principle has been reached to provide healing support to Japanese Canadians affected by the actions of Mr. G. G. Nakayama. Mr. Nakayama is known to have sexually abused hundreds of Japanese Canadian boys during his time as an Anglican priest from 1934 to 1994.

The Anglican Church of Canada has authorized the sum of $610,000 to contribute to a Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians, to be administered by the National Association of Japanese Canadians. The Anglican Church has also agreed to finance the costs of a Facilitator/Project Manager, to be jointly selected by the Church and by the National Association of Japanese Canadians to lead a project team that is being formed to deliver the healing support. The Fund will be used to provide therapeutic counselling, educational grants, healing gatherings and community education, primarily for the remaining survivors of the clergy sexual abuse, the families and descendant families of persons harmed by Mr. Nakayama, and other members of the community affected by Mr. Nakayama’s actions. Additional sums may be contributed to the Healing Fund in future.

This support follows up on a public apology made by the Anglican Church of Canada to the Japanese Canadian community in June 2015. In its apology and in recently authorizing the healing funds, the Anglican Church reaffirmed its commitment to participate in a healing and reconciliation process with the members of the Japanese Canadian community that were harmed by Mr. Nakayama.

For more information contact [email protected].

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