NAJC President’s Message – December 2021

by Lorene Oikawa Lights and decorations for Christmas and Chanukah are going up. It’s starting to look more festive. Everyone is looking for some light and hope. We have been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and we must continue to take precautions with news of the latest Omicron variant. In BC, we are still dealing...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – November 2021

by Lorene Oikawa People have started posting photos of matsutake (pine mushrooms). Just looking at the photos brings back memories of time spent with my grandparents in Slocan. My grandfather would go out into the mountains to his secret place and gather matsutake.  My obaachan (grandmother) would sort the mushrooms and clean them. She would...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – October 2021

by Lorene Oikawa At the end of last month, we welcomed the start of the Autumnal Equinox and fall’s first chill. Yes, even on the southwest coast, I started to pull out some of my sweaters and turned on the heat in the house. As we enjoy the seasonal change, we are also enjoying the...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – September 2021

My Japanese maple trees are starting to change from their summer green to golden orange, a sign of autumn approaching. September usually brings cooler weather and the change in seasons is not always appreciated. For those who have been experiencing the worst of the extreme weather, heatwaves and wildfires, fall’s anticipated cooler temperatures and rains...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – August 2021

Considering all that we have missed during the lockdowns, it’s difficult not to want to rush back into our former routines. The one spoiler is the Delta variant which is surging across the world and accounts for most of the infections in Canada.Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – June 2021

by Lorene Oikawa June brings the summer solstice, the day with the most daylight hours, and we also see some light with the continuing vaccinations and the drop in daily COVID-19 infections. We have come so far, and we need to maintain our vigilance to prevent another wave of infections. Please continue to follow public...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – May 2021

The National Association of Japanese Canadians, since its inception in 1947, has focused on the needs and concerns of the Japanese Canadian community including our work on addressing racial discrimination so that we have a safe, inclusive society for all.Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – April 2021

We could all use some relief. Asian American and Asian Canadian communities were shaken by another incident of violence. In Atlanta, six Asian American women were among the eight that were shot and killed. While the investigation continues, those of Asian ethnicity on both sides of the border are scared.Continue reading

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