NAJC President’s Message – September 2022

by Lorene Oikawa   The woman was gazing intently at the banners highlighting stories of Japanese Canadians in Surrey in the Japan / Japanese Canadian Pavilion I organized with the Japanese Canadian community at the Surrey Fusion Festival. I let her know the material was from a special exhibit that had been at the Museum...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – August 2022

by Lorene Oikawa Festivals and in-person gatherings have filled our calendars. With each event, it has been a wonderful opportunity to provide information and share stories about Japanese Canadians. At the Surrey Fusion Festival, I organized the Japan / Japanese Canadian Pavilion and included stories of Japanese Canadians in Surrey. I kept hearing people say...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – May 2022

by Lorene Oikawa May is Asian Heritage Month. Another opportunity to share our stories and to learn about other Asian cultures in East Asia, Southern Asia, Western, Central and Southeast Asia. There are about 48 countries, and they vary greatly in terms of ethnicity, culture, religion, economies, government systems, climate, history and food. Within each...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – April 2022

By Lorene Oikawa April showers are here, but on the west coast we are also deluged by blossoms. Don’t hate us. It is also aggravating allergies. Cherry blossoms remind us to take in the beauty before it is gone. Enjoy nature wherever you are. The National Association of Japanese Canadians is preparing for a busy...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – March 2022

by Lorene Oikawa I received a copy of a photo “Commemoration of the Year 1940, Delta, East-Richmond, Surrey Chapter of the Japanese Canadian Citizens League – JCCL.” The photo shows about fifty women and men in rows, and at the very far left, a man who looks like family. I think it is my uncle...

NAJC President’s Message – February 2022

by Lorene Oikawa I had my president’s message written and then I was hit with some sad news. Tatsuo Kage is gone. I would see him at local events in Vancouver until the pandemic hit. We stopped gathering to keep everyone safe. I support the precautions. However, I miss seeing people and having the wonderful...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – January 2022

The year of the tiger has started with some extreme cold weather in the west with the Arctic chill spreading across Canada. Southern Ontario has had milder temperatures but that is expected to change this month. Please check in on seniors and those who have mobility challenges. Continue reading

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