Terumi Kuwada Reflects on the 2022 Anniversaries for NAJC

National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) President Lorene Oikawa met up with Terumi Kuwada at the Museum of Surrey (MOS). The MOS current exhibit, Broken Promises, looks at the dispossession and resilience of Japanese Canadians.

Terumi is one of the past presidents of the NAJC. We asked her to share her thoughts on the 2022 Anniversaries for the NAJC.

It's the 80th anniversary of the start of incarceration in 1942 - the racist act that saw the forced uprooting, dispossession, incarceration, and exile of about 22,000 Japanese Canadians. It's also the 75th anniversary of the founding of the National Association of Japanese Canadians.

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