Remembrance Day 2021

On November 11, as you reflect on the contributions of all those who served for Canada, please keep in mind Indigenous peoples and racialized people who also served. Their stories are often not shared.

NAJC and others will be laying wreaths at the Remembrance Day Ceremonies at the Japanese Canadian cenotaph in Stanley Park, Vancouver. The invitation-only (because of COVID-19) ceremony will be live streamed. You are welcome to watch it on YouTube starting at 10:30 a.m. Feel free to share.

The Japanese Canadian community had the cenotaph built 101 years ago to recognize Japanese Canadian World War I soldiers who fought for Canada. Unfortunately their loyalty was not recognized and they were included in the 22,000 Japanese Canadians who were uprooted, dispossessed, interned and exiled in 1942. Japanese Canadians were rejected by the Canadian army when they tried to enlist in the Second World War. Despite being interned, Japanese Canadians wanted to support their country, Canada. Some Japanese Canadians were eventually able to serve.

We will be thinking about these Japanese Canadians and all the others who sacrificed so much for our democracy.

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