President’s Message, September 2009

Summer is almost over, with Fall just around the corner. Families get ready for their children to return to school and life becomes a lot more scheduled.

The NAJC has been involved with various activities including planning for the AGM on October 17-18/09, in Vancouver. This past year has had many challenges related to the economic downturn and it is our commitment to examine ways to manage our resources in a fiscally responsible fashion. We have been very fortunate that Takashi Ohki, a Director of the National Executive Board, has recently accepted the position of Treasurer, which has been vacant since the end of April/09, when Alan Tanaka unfortunately had to step down as Treasurer. Alan has done a tremendous job of examining our finances and making recommendations that will be beneficial for the future. Thank you, Alan.

The National Executive Board met in Vancouver on August 15-16/09, for its regular quarterly meeting. Masa Kagami, VP and Chair of the Human Rights Committee has sent a letter to the Prime Minister regarding Omar Khadr. A letter to the Japanese Canadian community providing information about this matter is included in this newsletter. The NAJC is committed to speak out when incidents of violations of human rights are known.

The NAJC together with the Greater Vancouver JCCA, encourages everyone to attend the conference, “Honouring Our People: Stories of Internment”, in Vancouver, from September 25-27/09.  This is an opportunity for those individuals who experienced internment to tell their stories so that their children and grandchildren might know and understand the impact of this time on their families’ lives. Please participate and register your attendance with the Greater Vancouver JCCA.

Being mindful of fiscal restraints,  the NAJC is nonetheless committed to meeting community needs and it is our intention to introduce programs and projects that will benefit our communities. More information about community initiatives will be forthcoming. On another note, many membership organizations are expressing concerns about decreasing membership and a lack of volunteers. The NAJC changed its membership structure a few years ago with the intention of becoming more inclusive of other interest groups and individuals in the community. We invite your comments on these issues of membership.  Please contact the Liaison Person in your area if you have any questions or comments.

See you at the “Honouring Our People” conference in Vancouver!

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