Online Japanese College Fair Fall 2023

This is an announcement for the “Online Japanese College Fair Fall 2023” to be held November 14-16.

This fair will feature 19 universities that welcome international students.

Some of the leading universities participating in the fair include Sophia University, International Christian University (ICU), Keio University, and the University of Tsukuba. These universities are top ranked and well known in Japan and they are all actively accepting international students from the U.S. and abroad.

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In addition to significantly lower tuition fees than in the U.S., many of these universities offer English-language entrance examinations, English only programs, fall enrollment, tuition reduction and exemption systems, scholarships, and lifestyle and employment support. Many international students from abroad enter Japanese universities every year.


Please help us inform your community members and other interested parties.

Participation is free of charge.
Attached are detailed information (English and Japanese versions).


You can also apply directly from here:


Lighthouse / Takuyo Corporation



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