New Administrative Leadership

Ken Noma, Jim SuzukiThe National Council unanimously supported a one-year pilot of a part-time Executive Director (ED) position.  Congratulations to Ken Noma who is our Executive Director and stepping down as Past President.  His experience as president for 4 years will give our members and the NEB direct support and on-going communication as well as ensuring day-to-day administrative responsibilities.  With Ken’s in-depth knowledge of the JC communities, he will continue his unwavering efforts to support the renewal of the NAJC mandate.

Jim Suzuki our new National Administrator (NA) will be supporting the executive director and the NEB who will be overseeing the National Office in Winnipeg.  Congratulations to Jim and many thanks to Terumi Kuwada as the interim NA for her leadership and commitment to the NAJC.  Jim Suzuki is well known to the JC community since 1988 when he was the Central Regional Coordinator for the NAJC and past president of the former Manitoba Japanese Canadian Citizens Association (MJCCA).

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