By Art Miki, Chair

The mandate of the Community Renewal Fund (CRF) Committee is to respond to the request of NAJC Full Member organizations and Supporting Member organizations based on the motion that was adopted at the NAJC Annual General Meeting in Victoria, BC on September 26, 2015. The motion adopted by National Council is as follows: “The NAJC provide a one-time grant of

  • $24,000 maximum for NAJC Full Member organizations, and
  • $4000 maximum for NAJC Supporting Member organizations

beginning for the fiscal year 2016-2017, to cover the cost of capital projects, renovations, facility improvements, new or continuing programs, initiatives, events, and/or any related projects.”

The purpose of the Renewal Fund is assist community organizations with the ability to revitalize the Japanese Canadian community by providing financial assistance to Full Member and Supporting Member organizations. The intent is that organizations will increase their capacity and sustainability by greater involvement of their volunteer base and youth engagement.

The following applications have been approved to date by the NAJC Community Renewal Fund Committee chaired by Art Miki.

Vernon Japanese Cultural Society:

The main focus was on building improvement by installing a new cabinet, replace flooring and adding a dishwasher to the Centre. The committee approved a grant of $24,000.

Kamloops Japanese Canadian Association:

Kamloops wanted to improve the centre by painting, refinish floors, install a security system, reach-in cooler and purchase a computer. The Committee approved a grant of $21,375 and allows for additional support of $2625 at a later date.

Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba:

Manitoba requested funds to complete the addition of a vestibule to the present Centre. The Committee approved a grant of $24,000 towards the building project.

Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre:

The request was for funds is to support a project that would incorporate personal stories as part of a larger Virtual Museum Exhibit that the National Museum will be developing. The Committee approved a grant of $4000 towards this educational initiative.

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