Matsutake Film

My name is Alejandro Yoshizawa and I am a graduate student in History at Concordia University in Montreal.

I am a 2011 SEAD grant recipient for my film/project about matsutake hunting (past and present) in the JC community. I have been interviewing people in British Columbia for the film. I have gone to Vancouver Island, Kamloops, Hope, Kewlona, Vancouver, etc. I am currently in Montreal attempting to secure interviews here, but will be heading to Toronto from about November 8th-12th, and hope to talk to some people there as well.

I am looking for anyone who goes, or has been, matsutake hunting. It doesn’t matter if you have only gone once, or have gone every year for the last 70 years. All experiences are unique, and all experiences are interesting! Any age, any gender of course! Also, I am looking for pictures as well . . .

For more information please see my website:

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