LOI Research Database and Family Story Sharing

On July 30, 2021, NAJC co-hosted with Landscapes of Injustice (LOI) and in association with Powell Street Festival, an online session, LOI Research Database and Family Story Sharing. LOI Project Manager Michael Abe and NAJC President Lorene Oikawa welcomed LOI Project Director Jordan Stanger-Ross and Library and Archives Canada Director General Public Services Johanna Smith and NAJC guest story tellers. Tami Hirasawa, President of the Central Vancouver Island Japanese Canadian Cultural Society (Seven Potatoes), her mother Joyce (née Fujimagari) Hirasawa, and other family members provided perspective from three generations of their family. Kevin Okabe, Executive Director of NAJC, shared his Okabe and Nagasaka family history. They also shared their research from the LOI database as an example of what Japanese Canadians may find when they search the database.

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