Introducing our 2019 JCYL National Ambassadors!

The NAJC Young Leaders Committee is excited to announce our Japanese Canadian Young Leaders National Ambassadors who will be attending COPANI XX in San Francisco this fall. To help support our National Ambassadors, donations can be made to

Jun Cura-Bongolanis a Nikkei Canadian of Japanese-Filipino heritage. Born and raised in Toronto, he has worked and volunteered at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, and also the Momiji Health Care Society. He is dedicated to promoting other narratives within the Japanese-Canadian community, including racial equality, mental health awareness and supporting LGBTQ+ youth. As a self-proclaimed "Nikkeisian", he hopes to educate younger generations on the war-time injustices made against Nikkei communities across the Americas, and how they can teach us about current prejudices faced by other communities today.

Growing up in a Japanese Canadian household, Ramses Miki-Hanson became interested in Japanese Canadian history and culture at a young age. His family had been involved with the Japanese-Canadian community in Regina, and he seeks to be involved with the community in his current home in Saskatoon. This interest in Japan culminated in an eye-opening family trip to said country many years later, in 2012. During his undergrad, he spent a year studying Japanese in Kobe. Following his undergrad graduation, he was lucky enough to return to Japan again, when he was hired by the JET Programme as an English teacher. Having returned to Canada to study at the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan, he seeks to spread awareness not only of Japanese culture, but also of the uniqueness of Japanese Canadian identity both amongst Japanese and non-Japanese backgrounded people. Following the completion of his Juris Doctorate law degree, he seeks to use his education and knowledge to the benefit of the community.

Speaking of which  . . . early bird registration for COPANI XX in San Francisco this fall is ending April 30. Check out the details HERE.

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