A Call to the Government of British Columbia

“Seventy Five Years is Long Enough”

a working paper by Dr. John Price, University of Victoria
Centre for Asia Pacific Migration and Mobility Program

Access: http://www.uvic.ca/research/centres/capi/assets/docs/MMP_Price_Working_Paper_v2.pdf.

The National Executive Board of the NAJC supports the views presented by Dr. John Price in his working paper, “Seventy Five Years is Long Enough”. The unilateral apology delivered by the Government of British Columbia inside the Legislature on May 7, 2012 did not acknowledge the fact that the provincial government instigated the incarceration and the subsequent diaspora of our community.

Dr. Price is a respected scholar but more importantly a social activist. His interest in the history of Japan and Asia goes back to 1968 where he spent 4 years in the Kansai area of Japan. From 2000, he has been directly involved with issues of redress for Asian Canadian communities. The NAJC would like to acknowledge his genuine support, affection and friendship to the Japanese Canadian community over the years.

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