Stop Bill C-51

April 15, 2015

Dear Friends:

At the end of February, the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) released a statement rejecting the Anti-Terrorism Act, Bill C-51. The NAJC joins with thousands of other concerned Canadians in calling for the Government of Canada to withdraw Bill C-51. We believe that Bill C-51 threatens Canadian civil liberties and freedoms. (See full release here:

Please join us today in speaking out about this bill. The third and final vote on Bill C-51 will occur shortly after Parliament resumes on April 20th. Among other impacts, Bill C-51 threatens the health of democracy in Canada, jeopardizes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, undermines the rule of law, and infringes upon the privacy rights of peaceful people. These impacts have been asserted by the Canadian Bar Association and Daniel Therrien-Privacy Commissioner of Canada among countless other credible sources.

Can you please take a few minutes to:

  • Tweet at your local MP… Often: Most Members of Parliament are on Twitter!
  • Write your local MP: You can use this link ( to locate and send a letter electronically, or you can search your local office contact information
  • Call your MP and have a conversation about this Bill: Use this tool to locate your MPs number –
  • Tell a Liberal MP to do the right thing and vote against Bill C-51
  • Write a letter to local papers: Lead Now and Open Media have simplified this process – you simply enter your postal code and the site will do the work for you. See:
  • Organize a community event

Other resources can be found here:

Please join other Canadians who want to protect their right to privacy and Canadian democracy by having your voice heard today.


Tosh Kitagawa
VP, National Executive Board
Chair of Human Rights Committee


For more information please contact:
National Association of Japanese Canadians
Tel: 204-943-2910

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