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I am Jon Sasaki, a Toronto-based Yonsei artist, currently working on a temporary public art project commissioned by the City of Vancouver. The work is scheduled to be installed in October 2024 at Hastings Park in Vancouver, home of the Pacific National Exhibition that was the site of the incarceration of 8000 Japanese Canadians during WWII. The piece is titled The Hollow Man, and it will be an “anti-monument” to call attention to the racist actions of Ian Alistair Mackenzie (1890-1949), the wartime Federal MP who stripped thousands of Japanese Canadians of their belongings, human rights, and community. Largely because of Mackenzie, many members of my family were uprooted from the west coast and forced to start their lives again in Ontario.

The sculpture will be a hollowed-out, life-sized shell of Mackenzie’s figure made from unpolished cast aluminum. The hollowed-out back will signify Mackenzie’s lack of a moral core and will feature a vertical prop-stand typical of disposable cardboard cutouts. It will stand backwards outside the Livestock Building at Hastings Park in Vancouver BC for seven years, one month and eight days, the same duration as his order-in-council was in place. At the end of that period, the sculpture will be destroyed, a moment that is intended to be a healing one.

The sculpture will include a plaque describing Mackenzie’s damaging racist deeds, and the ripple effects that continue to reverberate through the generations. Anyone interested in helping to craft the language for this plaque is warmly invited to submit recommendations, please contact me at [email protected] (ideally by the end of July,) and I will be in touch with next steps.

Mackenzie is largely unknown outside the Japanese Canadian community and this project is intended to hold him to historic account.

Jon Sasaki

私はトロントを拠点に活動する延世大学出身のアーティスト、ジョン・ササキです。現在、バンクーバー市から依頼を受け、一時的なパブリック・アート・プロジェクトに取り組んでいます。作品は2024年10月に、第二次世界大戦中に8000人の日系カナダ人が強制収容された太平洋ナショナル・エキシビションの会場であるバンクーバーのヘイスティングス・パークに設置される予定です。作品のタイトルは「The Hollow Man(空洞の男)」で、何千人もの日系カナダ人の持ち物、人権、コミュニティを剥奪した戦時中の連邦議員、イアン・アリスター・マッケンジー(1890-1949)の人種差別的行為に注意を喚起する「反記念碑」となる。マッケンジーのせいで、私の家族の多くは西海岸から追放され、オンタリオで人生をやり直すことを余儀なくされた。


彫刻には、マッケンジーの人種差別的な行為と、世代を超えて反響し続ける波紋を記したプレートが設置される。このプレートの文言作りにご興味のある方は、ぜひご推薦ください。[email protected](理想的には7月末までに)までご連絡いただければ、次のステップについてご連絡いたします。




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