January 2012

President’s Message

As we begin another year, my wish is that the GVJCCA Bulletin and the Nikkei Voice, both critically important publications of our community, will continue to give us wonderful service. Please subscribe and donate.

The National Executive Board (NEB) met in Winnipeg the weekend of January 21st to discuss strategic planning and programming for 2012. I would like to devote a separate article on the subject of strategic planning for next time and instead note some highlights from the meeting:

Kevin Okabe has been appointed as a NEB director for this year. Kevin is a past treasurer of the NEB and an active member of the Calgary chapter. The NAJC will draw heavily on his accounting and business background as we explore the potentials of ecommerce and look at more creative ways to work within our sustaining and endowment funds. Katherine Yamashita is now a member of the Endowment Fund Committee for a two year term. Kathy replaces Mike Murakami of Toronto whose term expired last year. Kathy is an elementary teacher by training who has an impressive background in digital technology and the fine arts.

NAJC Annual General Meeting 2012
Kamloops has graciously agreed to host the 2012 AGM to be held the weekend of September 14th. The Kamloops AGM committee consists of George Uyeda (chairperson), Eileen Willms, Roy Inouye and Betty Inouye. The NAJC will be exploring the feasibility of having a youth leadership conference to be held concurrently with the AGM. I will be in touch with member organizations with further details.

National Executive Board Election
As this is an election year, the Nomination Committee under the leadership of Past President Terumi Kuwada will soon begin the process of forming the Committee, and receiving applications. Elections will be held at the Kamloops AGM.

Hastings Park Foundation
In order to enhance this year’s NAJC fund-raising campaign, a partnership agreement will be drawn up between the NAJC and Hastings Park Foundation, a non-profit organization with the authority to issue tax receipts.

The 2012 – 2013 budget
This year’s budget has yet to be finalized as we are awaiting final submissions from the Committees. The budget will include some 70th anniversary internment activities.

NAJC Heritage Tour to Japan (October 2012)
Currently, the NAJC is finalizing the Kansai tour itinerary that will take in the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe and Hiroshima. The tour is aimed at Japanese Canadians whose first tongue is English and is open to non-Japanese Canadians. We will be offering this tour in October of this year and will be for 8 nights. Aside from visiting some of the more famous attractions, we have added an INAKA (rural) experience where you will spend several nights at a Japanese farm and have a chance to take part in minor agricultural duties, handicrafts and perhaps even sake-making. All members have the option of extending their stay is Japan after the ‘tour’ portion has ended. Detailed itinerary and costing will be posted soon on our website.

Japanese antique evaluation led by Mr. David Pepper
The antique evaluation will be held on March 24th at the Toronto NAJC chapter office (inside the JCCC). The evaluation is organized by the Toronto NAJC and funded by the NAJC Heritage Committee. For more information please contact: 416-516-1375 or torontonajc@gmail.com

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