Demographic Information: 2021 Census

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Statistical Profiles of Japanese Canadians in 2021

This is a set of reports and statistical tables of Japanese Canadians in 2021 based on the 2021 Census of Population for all provinces and cities where NAJC member organizations are located.

Each set of documents for a province is composed of:

  1. Statistical profile of Japanese Canadians in the province (PDF)
  2. Demographic profiles of the province (Excel)
  3. Economic profiles of the province (Excel)
  4. Social profiles of the province (Excel)

The contents of the Excel files are:

  1. Demographic profiles
    • Number of Japanese Canadians by generational status
    • Age-sex distribution of Japanese Canadians
    • Number of visible minority Japanese Canadians by period of immigration
    • Number of Japanese immigrants born in Japan by immigration admission category
  2. Economic profiles
    • Average employment income by generation, immigration status, and gender
    • Occupational distribution
  3. Social profiles
    • Distribution by highest educational attainment
    • Distribution of mother tongues by mother tongue and generation

The provinces and cities in the reports and statistical tables are:

  1. Canada
  2. Maritime provinces
    • Halifax (no NAJC organization)
  3. Quebec
    • Montreal
    • Quebec City (no NAJC organization)
  4. Ontario
    • Ottawa-Gatineau
    • Toronto
    • Hamilton
    • Thunder Bay
  5. Manitoba
    • Winnipeg
  6. Saskatchewan
    • Regina
    • Saskatoon (no NAJC organization)
  7. Alberta
    • Edmonton
    • Calgary
    • Lethbridge
  8. British Columbia
    • Nanaimo
    • Kamloops
    • Vancouver
    • Victoria
  9. Yukon
    • Whitehorse
  10. Northwest Territories and Nunavut
    • Yellowknife (no NAJC organization)

To see and download the reports, please click the following hyperlinks:

  1. Canada
  2. Maritime Provinces
  3. Quebec
  4. Ontario
  5. Manitoba
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Alberta
  8. British Columbia
  9. Yukon
  10. Northwest Territories and Nunavut

To see and download Excel documents, go to (a link to NAJC OneDrive). Excell documents are available in the Read-Only format.