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JULY 19, 2011

The Japanese Canadian Association of Yukon (JCAY) sent in the final contribution of $5600.38 to the Japan Red Cross Society for the Earthquake/Tsunami Relief fund.  The total amount raised from the March film showings, the Raven Recyling Fund, and the successful Japanese Village Festival brought in a total of $40,600.38.  The Earthquake/Tsunami Relief account at the Scotia Bank is now closed.

Fumi Torigai, president of the JCAY said that all members were, “overwhelmed and very appreciative of all the generous support received from the communities of Whitehorse, Atlin and area.  We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all those who contributed not only to the JCAY fund, but other fundraising efforts.”

Torigai said that some members lost friends in Sendai and many are still very concerned about the rebuilding efforts and after effects of the earthquake and tsunami.  He expressed the hope that people will continue to keep the people of Japan in their thoughts.

Contact:  Fumi Torigai, JCAY President, Whitehorse, 393-2588

April 5, 2011

The Japanese Village Festival, in aid of the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund has raised approximately $20,700, which will be donated to the Japan Red Cross.

The Japanese Canadian Association of Yukon (JCAY) fundraiser held last Sunday, drew well over 800 adults and children.

Fumi Torigai, president of JCAY said, “I am extremely grateful for the support from the local businesses and the general public.  Their generosity was simply amazing.  We held our first fundraiser a day after the earthquake and since then donations from individuals, workplaces and business community have poured in.  Our total balance for the Relief Fund account as of Tuesday afternoon was a little over $31,000.“

Both during and after the Festival numerous enthusiastic comments were heard and some were suggesting it as an annual event. “The organizers and volunteers will need a bit of time to recover from all the hard work and long hours everyone put in.”

Many thanked the JCAY for providing them with an opportunity to show that they really care about the earthquake victims. “I was touched by those kind of comments.   One child donated the proceeds from a birthday party and others from their savings. These gestures of compassion and the sense of community was truly impressive”, said Torigai.

“I feel proud that as a community we were able to raise so much money.  It is just a fraction of what will be needed as a whole, but every little bit counts. The money will certainly go to work immediately in the field to provide relief to those in need.“

The JCAY is going to send the first batch of the money to the Japanese Red Cross Society shortly. The JCAY will decide soon how much longer the Relief Fund account will be kept open.

Contact: Fumi Torigai

President, jcayukon@gmail.com, 393-2588

Or Lillian Nakamura Maguire, 667-4563 (h) or 633-7623 (w)

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