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Community Renewal Fund Application Form and Information

Community Renewal Fund Application Form 2017

Community Renewal Fund Information 2017

NAJC Community Development Fund Application Package

CDF 2017-18 Funding Application Form

CDF 2017-18 Funding Program

Welcome to the NAJC CDC Resource site – a work in progress Since Redress was achieved 25 years ago, Nikkei communities have evolved significantly. NAJC too. While the needs and goals of NAJC Member Organizations and Nikkei communities vary many core concerns are similar. The CDC recognizes accessing tools to help address emerging or urgent Board or community concerns in a timely, cost effective way is a challenge. We hope this online toolbox is a step in the right direction as conferences, and workshops are cost prohibitive and online learning is so much more immediate. This Member Organization capacity building resource is a work in progress: as such, its contents will change to add new resources. Be sure to check back every once and a while for content updates. We welcome feedback and contributions from you! If there are areas you would wish more information on, please let us know. About Community Capacity Building Resources? Given the fast changing and uncertain economic times most NAJC Member Organizations need easily accessible resources to help address core issues of capacity building, and knowledge of appropriate institutions to help them sustain community-based development and grow in impact  While CDC funds program development other funding sources (government, foundations or donors) should be pursued by NAJC Member Organizations.  We hope this resource will help you in this competitive fundraising environment and current economic landscape. Purpose of the NAJC CDC Online Capacity Building Resource:

  • To offer NAJC Member Organizations links to affordable capacity building tools to help sustain and nurture their programs such as: leadership development, board development, fundraising, strategic planning, volunteer recruitment, technology assistance.
  • To offer NAJC Member Organizations networking opportunities to encourage collaborative problem solving and the sharing of best practices.
  • To offer NAJC Member Organizations a general profile of funding sources (government, foundations or donors. While CDC funds programs other funding sources should be actively pursued

(Partial list) of Contents Community Development:

Alberta Resources:

Other Provincial Resources: Canadian Government Resources: Heritage and Culture:

  • Nikkei Place is: Nikkei Place Seniors · Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre · Nikkei Place Foundation

Human Rights and Advocacy:

  • The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is dedicated to the elimination of racism in Canada.
  • The Centre for Race and Culture works within Alberta to create an more inclusive society free of racial discrimination.
  • The Canadian Japanese-Mennonite Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship available to a student who is Canadian or a landed immigrant, enrolled in a graduate degree program in Canada, doing research that will assist the protection of minority or human rights.

Nonprofit Technology Assistance:

CDC Resource Form
NAJC Community Development Resource Form

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