Message from the BC Redress Team

The unforeseen and unprecedented impact of Covid 19 on the health, social and economic wellbeing of our world has put all communities in crisis, including the province of British Columbia. The NAJC Negotiations Strategy team is responding to this extraordinary crisis by suspending the delivery of the BC Redress proposal in the immediate future. The team has decided to move forward to complete the ‘asks’ and at that time we will re-evaluate whether we cost out those asks with the Institute of Fiscal Studies in Democracy – IFSD – in Ottawa. The National Council of the NAJC has approved our budget to move forward with preparing the proposal.

BC Redress is destined to help our communities. We have not lost sight of this goal. We are currently in the midst of assessing the appendices from the original submissions and aligning themes with programs and services and initiatives which can be developed to support all Japanese Canadians. We are validating ‘asks’ with all BC NAJC chapters, service organizations and program providers. We have also responded to the ‘asks’ in the original report to include out of province submissions. One theme which has emerged very clearly – prior to the Covid 19 crisis – is health and wellness, and we are putting together a case for support for this piece as part of the community legacy fund ask.

In the coming weeks, we will be completing a ‘phase one’ of asks. The NAJC is aware that our community includes the entire country and we are responding to suggestions of programs or legacy items which can be of benefit to our communities who reside outside of BC. These include educational resource outputs, senior’s health models, and a memorialization of all 21,460 individuals who were forcibly uprooted from BC.

Thank you for supporting the NAJC and please take care of yourselves and your families and communities.

BC Redress Team
Art Miki
Maryka Omatsu
Paul Kariya
Les Kojima
Eiko Eby
Lorene Oikawa
Susanne Tabata

Questions can be directed to Susanne Tabata

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