Japanese Canadian residents in 1940 Surrey

City of Surrey Heritage Project needs assistance with names of former Japanese Canadian residents in 1940

Surrey Heritage Interpretation Program is planning on installing a new heritage marker in Bear Creek Park, located in the Newton neighbourhood of Surrey. Surrey is a city within the Metro Vancouver area. The marker will take the form of a regional map with family names printed on their historical property lots – a snapshot of residents of the area in 1940. They have been reviewing archival resources, but it’s important that we review the information to ensure the Japanese Canadian names on the heritage marker are accurate and complete. Surrey Heritage is looking for any assistance to confirm and correct the information. They would also be interested in anyone who may have stories or any other information to share. Please check the information in the link below, which includes the Japanese Canadian names, associated addresses and maps. Please provide your feedback as soon as possible, because the signage is being planned for early summer 2021. Thank you for your help.

Bear Creek Park – Japanese-Canadian Names

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