GVJCCA Commends BC’s Anti-Racism Data Legislation

Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association (GVJCCA) Commends BC’s Anti-Racism Data Legislation Introduced May 2, 2022


The GVJCCA was one of over 70 BC community groups who were engaged in a provincial consultation project from November, 2021 through January, 2022 on how demographic data on racialized and marginalized communities should be gathered, kept, and used, to eliminate systemic discrimination and inequalities.

For Indigenous, racialized and marginalized communities including Japanese Canadians – being the subject of race- based data gathering has historically been a profoundly dehumanizing, unjust experience.

With an open heart and while seeing hope for good change in the new Anti-Racism Data Legislation, the GVJCCA also applauds its co-development with Indigenous Peoples.

The Anti-Racism Data Legislation will enact law so that evidence is available to address inequities, correct service delivery failures, and protect groups from the harm of systemic racism.  The GVJCCA appreciates the opportunity to participate in the community engagement leading to the drafting of this legislation.  We stand in solidarity with the Indigenous, Metis, Black, fellow communities of colour, and allies.  Together, and with government, we can work with the Anti-Racism Data Act to lift unjust barriers and eliminate systemic racism.

About the Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association (GVJCCA)

The Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association  (GVJCCA) is a non-profit organization that builds communities and advocates for social justice, primarily for people in Canada of Japanese heritage and their families.  Our human rights work has included outreaching about social justice concerns with other communities and offering human rights and anti-racism education.   The GVJCCA is the publisher of the Bulletin/Geppo, a journal of Japanese Canadian community, history and culture.  

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