Community Development Fund

For 2020-2021 fiscal year, we are pleased to inform you that the Community Development Fund will be providing grants for the current year.  Please see more details below.

2020 Information


The mandate of the Community Development Committee (CDC) is to respond to the needs of the Japanese Canadian community.  More specifically, the CDC provides direction to the National Executive Board (NEB) regarding needs evidenced by groups such as seniors, youth, and Ijusha.  The CDC is also responsible for providing the NEB with a link to the Cultural Centers and arts groups.

Purpose of the Community Development Fund Program

The Program aims to achieve the following:

To address capacity building of Member and Supporting Organizations with regard to leadership and board development, fundraising, strategic planning and volunteer recruitment;

To support participants in promoting their project / initiative;

To provide financial assistance in the form of grants to eligible Program participants;

To supply participants with a reference guide and resources for future initiatives.

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for Community Development Fund, the applicant must be an NAJC “Member Organization” or “Supporting Organization” in good standing.

If the Organization has previously participated in a program funded by the Community Development Fund all outstanding reports must be submitted to the NAJC, before approval for any further funding will be granted.

Program / Initiative Eligibility

To be eligible for Community Development Program funding, the program / initiative must focus on the local organization development that benefits its members and promotes the work of the NAJC.

Please Note: Applicants are not eligible to apply to the NAJC Endowment Fund for the same Community Development project if approved. 

Application Forms

Provided that the application fulfills the eligibility requirements, the maximum grant that will be awarded to a Member Organization, is $3,000, and $1,500 for a Supporting Member Organization applicant.  Please note that the maximum amount may not be awarded.  The grant is intended to be supplemental funding and it is not intended that this will be the sole funding source. 100% of the maximum funding for a project / initiative will not be provided.

Application must be completed on the form provided (or a photocopy/electronic copy) and must be submitted online or  emailed to:

Community Development Committee
NAJC National Executive Office
180 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 2J9
Tel: 204-943-2910

Online application form, PDF form , Word form, CDF Summary Report Form

Deadline for applications is July 31, 2020, 2:00 pm CDT .

Applications for 2020 are no longer being accepted.

Evaluation Process

The Community Development Committee (CDC) will review all applications.

A member of the CDC may contact the applicant to review or clarify the details of its application.  All applications must be complete and self-contained.

Program Participant Obligations

Successful Program applicants are required to carry out their program / initiative as proposed.  When the project has been approved, 50% of the allocation will be given to the organization.

Upon completion of the program / initiative a Summary Report and accompanying receipts must be submitted to the NAJC on the form provided by the NAJC and the remaining 50% will be issued to the organization.  Please note that receipts submitted must equal or exceed the amount of the grant which was awarded.  These Summary Reports will then be compiled by the CDC and redistributed to Program participants to be used as a reference tool for possible future programs / initiatives.