Still from Henry’s Glasses by Brendan Uegama, 2010

Special Note
Following a meeting by the National Executive Board it had been decided to change the structure of the Endowment Fund cycle from two per year to just one. The yearly deadline for submissions will be March 31st.  The total sum of the annual award will remain the same but this change will allow us the flexibility to increase the amount of the grant given to approved projects.

Purpose Of Cultural Development Program

  • To provide financial assistance to community and cultural organizations, and individuals, for
    projects and activities
  • To promote and develop Japanese Canadian culture and heritage

Applicant Eligibility


  • Preference will be given to organizations with a history of Japanese Canadian community
    involvement or of promoting or developing Japanese Canadian culture


  • Must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant
  • Must be a project or activity which promotes or develops Japanese Canadian culture


  1. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  2. Complete application must be received by the NAJC Winnipeg office on March 31st by 2:30 pm Winnipeg time. Postmarks dated to March 31st and received after this date will not be accepted.
  3. A letter of recommendation by a NAJC member organization must be included with the application.

Deadline for applications is March 31 by 2:30pm CST.

Cultural Development Information for Applicants and Application Form

* Please read all instructions carefully to ensure that your application is complete.