President’s Message, October 2009

After a year of preparation, the national celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement is now behind us. While I have not yet had time to digest what all happened, from accounts received so far, I think we can safely say it was a memorable event, and undoubtedly credit goes largely toContinue reading

President’s Message, July 2009

An “Amazing Feet” is happening in Winnipeg on June 18 – June 21. The event is a kick-off to invite Winnipeggers and the rest to the country to leave an imprint of their foot or hand as the construction of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights begins to take off. A few months ago, duringContinue reading

President’s Message, April 2009

The NAJC is moving on April 15, 2009, as a result of a settlement between the NAJC and Cityscape Residence Corporation (owners of 404 Webb Place). We are relocating to 1 – 222 Osborne St. Wpg. MB. For those of you who have been to Winnipeg, our office is in Osborne Village and is atContinue reading

President’s Message, March 2009

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of many African-Canadians who have contributed to the life and times of this great country. As we welcome the first official visit of President Barack Obama, to Canada, we are reminded of his comments related to Black History Month. It is “aContinue reading

President’s Message, December 2008

It has been a very busy fall for the NAJC, with the National Conference celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Redress Settlement on September 19-21/08, in Vancouver, as well as the many regional celebrations across Canada. The organizers of the Vancouver event, Grace Thomson, Cindy Mochizuki and Ron Nishimura, did a tremendous job of givingContinue reading

President’s Message June

During the last week of April, I attended the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Award of Excellence Symposium, held in Calgary.  “What is Canadian Racism?” was the main theme, which engaged in a critical analysis of a distinct manifestation of racism, through diverse workshops focusing on policy, education, and training, toward better understanding of racism inContinue reading

President’s Message April

I mentioned earlier that Oppenheimer Park, known as Powell Street Grounds (or remembered as Paueru Groundo by people like my parents, who as immigrants settled in this area), is currently being re-designed for more effective use by this Downtown East Side community. I noticed last week that several new cherry trees were recently planted atContinue reading

February Message

I was, to say the least, shocked to open the newspaper recently to find that Val Ross, journalist and author, had passed away. I had spoken with her at least a couple of times last year when she was good enough to contact me regarding our concerns about the Canadian War Museum’s exhibition panel relatingContinue reading

January Message

I’m sure you have all made great New Year’s Resolutions, and some of you have already broken them, just as I do every year. But I made several again this year, including getting back to my first love of making art, and writing, and traveling for fun. Of course, I know these are just wishfulContinue reading

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