NAJC President’s Message – March 2021

by Lorene Oikawa 75 years ago, Japanese Canadians received a decision on a legal challenge that went all the way to the Privy Council in the United Kingdom. In the case of the government’s exile orders to force Canadians of Japanese ethnicity to Japan, Privy Council sided with Parliament. In the New Canadian newspaper, the...Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – February 2021

One of the ways to combat hate is to build understanding. Through the NAJC Endowment Fund Committee, we support the promotion and development of Japanese Canadian cultural and heritage and provide assistance to organizations and individuals for projects.Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – January 2021

New Year’s is an opportunity to share in the traditional Japanese foods, learn more about our culture and family traditions, and connect with family, loved ones, and friends. Many of us took to online meetings and phone calls to avoid in-person gatherings for the safety of everyone.Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – November 2020

Remember that voting rights have not existed for everyone at the same time. In 1947, Chinese- and Indo-Canadians finally got the right to vote. Japanese Canadians didn’t get franchise until 1949 – four years after the Second World War ended. About 22,000 Japanese Canadians, who were forcibly uprooted, dispossessed, and interned, were finally allowed to vote and return to the west coast if they had the means.Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – October 2020

The NAJC National Executive Board (NEB) is very grateful for our extended JC family, all of our member organizations and members, volunteers, and the Japanese Canadian communities across Canada. With the COVID-19 pandemic we had to rethink, pivot, and adapt. Sometimes we were able to switch events to online such as our AGM on October 2nd.Continue reading

NAJC President’s Message – August 2020

by Lorene Oikawa One of the commemorative events we recognized this month is Hiroshima Day on August 6. It’s been 75 years since the bombing of Hiroshima. Many of the young children who survived that day are now seniors. I spoke to two of them to get their perspective.  On August 6, we observe Hiroshima...

NAJC President’s Message – July 2020

Your positive response to our online sessions is appreciated and we are continuing our online programming. It’s been a great way to connect during this pandemic. It’s also been a wonderful opportunity to bring people together from across the country to have important discussions such as our NAJC Human Rights Committee’s discussion about racism today and actions we can take.Continue reading

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