New Denver

New Denver: Our Spiritual Furusato

Growing up in Japan, I was surrounded by traditional children’s songs and nostalgic songs that harkened back to my youth. The song, Aka Tombo (Red Dragonfly) transports me back to the open field where I happily tried to catch them with a huge net made by my maternal grandfather.

December Message

Although forgiveness is an individual act by the victim, it is important that the larger community is made aware of the transgression. Those who were directly affected must be given opportunities to ‘talk story’ and thereby leave a legacy of remembrance for future generations.

November message

31 delegates and alternates from 13 of 14 member organizations attended the weekend annual general meeting held in Toronto. In addition, we hosted the second concurrent Young Leaders conference. Thanks to the Kobayashi clan for their help in organizing the excellent Friday evening hospitality room.

With Aloha

On July 24th, 12 members of the first NAJC Hawai’i Heritage Tour began their tour of the Island of Oahu. One of the main objective was to connect with and to learn about the history and the challenges faced by our Japanese American cousins.

Lessons of Nishga Girl

by Ken Noma On Monday, July 8th at the NAJC Winnipeg office, an agreement was reached between the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Nyce family and the NAJC to return the gillnet boat, Nishga Girl, to the new Canadian Museum of History.

Our debt to the Nisei generation

Abraham Maslow in his academic paper, “A Theory of Human Motivation”, offered his theory on human behaviour based on a ‘hierarchy of needs’ that was illustrated in the form of a pyramid. Maslow identified Physiological needs as the most basic (food, shelter), followed by Safety, Love and Belonging, Esteem and the highest need being Self-Actualization.Continue reading

Nikkei Manga-gatari

I believe that the most important aspect of teaching – once the content is mastered – is how to deliver the package of historical information in an engaging and relevant manner to high school students within a set class time. The daily half-hour drive to school was the time that I used to refine myContinue reading

President’s Message

I first heard the hauntingly iconic song, Watari Dori, in Jesse Nishihata’s documentary film (1973) of the same name. His family’s life history was the framework for the film’s exploration of Japanese Canadian internment and dispersal. Jesse’s film was an invaluable resource in my grade 10 Canadian History classes ever since I began my teachingContinue reading

President’s Message

Bathed in the afterglow of the Redress Settlement, the Toronto Chapter executive held a meeting to discuss future directions and programs. The Sansei on the executive suggested that we needed to be more supportive of First Nations land claims. A Nisei member questioned, “What does it have to do with us?” We were taken abackContinue reading

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