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The NAJC has been keen to promote and preserve the legacy of the community, including the arts. Our goal is to enshrine the legacy of Japanese Canadian artists whose creative works were made prior to the internet era, and have been lost to time.

JCAM Signs the Indigenous Accord

More than 80 groups gathered around the fire in Oodena Circle at the Forks in downtown Winnipeg in a partnership with the City of Winnipeg to sign the Indigenous Accord. Mayor Brian Bowman and City Council adopted the Accord as an important step towards the City’s Journey of Reconciliation and invited individuals and organizations toContinue reading

David Fujino

PERFIDIA by James Ellroy

PERFIDIA by James Ellroy Alfred A. Knopf, 692 pages, 2014 by David Fujino It’s December 6, 1941 — America is on the brink of World War II — and among the police and public service denizens of L.A. (Los Angeles) the coming of the Japanese internment and its inevitable land grabs already dominate the generalContinue reading

Public Meeting Japanese Canadian Historic Places Project August 18, 2016

Issued by the BC Government on: August 05, 2016 Dear Stakeholders, Japanese Canadian Community of British Columbia, The Japanese Historic Places Recognition Program Advisory Committee is pleased to invite you to participate at the Information Session to seek your proactive participation in successful implementation of the Public Nomination process of historic places of importance toContinue reading

On the Passing of Yoshio (Yon) Shimizu 1924 – 2016

YOSHIO (YON) SHIMIZU(1924-2016) Yon Shimizu was intent on finishing his Grade 12 at Victoria High School in the spring of 1942. When the order came exiling the entire Japanese Canadian community, he went over to a friend’s house and continued going to class. After about a week, he turned himself in to the RCMP—who sentContinue reading

Michael Maddeaux

An Interview with Michael Maddeaux

by David Fujino My talent agent emailed me in mid-October. I had an audition for *Kazoku, a student short film at York University, and I should deal directly with the students. I emailed back my interest in auditioning for the role of the older Takeshi and was eventually awarded the role. (They probably needed anContinue reading

Crawford Street Church

The Good Old Days

by David Fujino I was raised Canadian like the other kids in my neighbourhood. At the same time, my mom always told me about the Internment, and Greenwood, where I was born, so I knew I was a Japanese Canadian, but it didn’t seem a big deal — it was just another thing to takeContinue reading

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