A Synergy Develops in Winnipeg

I began working for the NAJC, as National Administrator, in October of 2014. Since that time, I have been keeping busy with the Administrative duties of the position. Shortly after I began, our current landlord, the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, advised us they would be relocating the office, in June of 2015. So began, a search for a new home for the NAJC. I investigated various options, and in January 2015, I opened discussions, with Art Miki, of the Japanese Cultural Association of Canada, located in Winnipeg. Within a short period of time, we came to mutually agreeable terms, for a lease at JCAM in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I am pleased to announce the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) will be moving to the Japanese Cultural Association of Canada (JCAM) at 180 McPhillips Street, on May 1, 2015. I look forward to this move, which will increase the profile of NAJC, in Winnipeg. It will provide me with a view of the activities, and programs, JCAM provides to the community, and give me a better understanding of the how local organizations can maintain their volunteer base, as well as how the organizations cope financially. I feel this move will allow the two organizations, to provide a synergy, within the Winnipeg community, in both local and national issues.

In May, the Endowment Fund Committee will be meeting in Winnipeg to review submissions for this year’s Endowment Fund. All applicants will be advised if the submissions would be receiving funding for this year.

The Human Rights Committee of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC), will host the Summit on Asian Canadian Elder Care, in Vancouver on Saturday May 30th, 2015. This conference will provide a forum to examine to elder care for Asian Canadians. For further information on this event, contact you may contact Joanna Yang at joanna.yang@ubc.ca

In August this year, the Japanese Canadian Young Leaders will hold their Young Leaders Conference 2015, in Winnipeg, August 7th to August 9th, during the week of Folklorama. This conference is a follow up to last year’s conference in Vancouver, and will examine Human Rights issues, as well as experiences of youth from other ethnic communities. A tour of the recently opened Canadian Human Rights Museum is also scheduled event for this conference. For further information on this conference, please contact the National Office at national@najc.ca.

It is hoped the upcoming conferences sponsored by the NAJC, will help the participants, personally and collectively, to discuss these issues, with others, and how they can make a positive difference in the community.

Jim Suzuki
NAJC National Administrator


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